Highlighter: The Aftermath

Those of you who attended the Zetas’ Highlighter party last Saturday (or have done so in the past) probably know it’s just like most Old Kenyon parties: dark, sweaty, and absolutely chaotic. This year, however, was different: I decided to attend with a purpose (other than, of course, dancing all night long). The week leading up to the party, I thought to myself: “What could possibly be on the minds of everyone in this room?”


And so, Sharpie™ in hand, I accomplished this task by politely introducing myself to a number of partygoers and asking them to express themselves on my shirt. Below, I have compiled the fruits of my effort for your pleasure!

“Talk before you tangle” Always solid advice.

“Hey!XOXOJ” I think I made new friends at Highlighter!

“BENj” I hope I get to meet “Ben-Jay” again someday.

“SAGG” An intriguing acronym, which, following a Google search, revealed nothing of great interest.

“I <3 Amy [and?] CHEESE” I assumed this philosopher left out the “and,” or else was unfortunately mistaken about my line of work.

“PHI TAU MORE SIGHT [illegible red marks]” Did someone say “Free pancakes in the Caples kitchen!”?

“Zac CaputO” Well, this writer and I sure share at least one lifelong passion. As some of you may remember, last year I named my pet moth after Kenyon's illustrious Zac Zaputo '15. 

“I <3 DANNY” I assume this refers to my wonderful, waffle-providing CA.

“EAT ME WHILE I’M HOT!!!” This one I appreciated less, as it was written on my back and I was indeed fairly overheated.

“Call Me! 740-427-5555 [Campus Safety’s number]” I was a huge fan of this one, especially since I know how much Campus Safety loves receiving calls from intoxicated, underage students looking to hang out.

“I <3 D-PHi’s” Can’t say I’ve ever seen or heard a “D-PHi,” or that they even exist, but I’ll be sure to check them out.

“I need more ALCOHOL” This one seemed heartfelt, as I remember the girl who wrote this being quickly pulled away and out of the party by her friends.

“7/10 HAS EBOLA” I 10/10 do not have Ebola, but raising awareness of it is also important.


Ah, well. Another year, another Highlighter. The truth is, I enjoyed reading what people had to say so much, that I think it’d be fun to do the same thing at every party! (On second thought, not really.) What kind of fun stuff was written on you this weekend? Don’t hesitate to comment any fun stories below! See you next year!