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Dorm Decorating on a Budget

It is that time of year again! All the college girls are coming back to campus with a fresh mindset and new goals for the year. What’s the best way to start a new year? Redecorating your dorm room, of course!

Decorating your dorm is loads of fun, but unfortunately, it can be really expensive. Places like Urban Outfitters, West Elm, and even cheaper stores like Target can really add up (this girl is on a budget). Consequently, I’ve created a formula for creating the perfect dorm room: first, I always go online to look for inspiration. This year, what I’ve found to be stylish at the moment is grid board, lights, posters, chalk boards. After finding my inspiration, I look for the cheapest option of each item, which proved relatively easy this year.

I looked for grid boards first, and I found chic white ones for $0.99 each grid. If you’re looking for grids, you should check places like Lowes and Home Depot before spending big bucks at a store like Pottery Barn Teen.

Thrift/ vintage stores can also be your best friend when it comes to decorating at a low price. You can buy almost anything at a thrift store, but some of my favorites include cute cups and pen holders that you can use as plant pots for your little green friends. Plants can add a lot of life to a person’s drab dorm room and they have a ton of other benefits, such as keeping the air clean.

I also like buying cheap frames, which you can do at a thrift or dollar store to put chicly display your pictures. The best part of thrift shopping is that there are always random finds that you never thought you never would find anywhere else.

Something that I did last year and that I loved was hung a chalkboard on my wall, which was also easy and cheap. I bought a peel and stick chalkboard on Amazon, and it was the best thing ever because it allowed me to draw on my wall without violating any of Res Life’s rules. I had both chalk and liquid chalk in different colors, which allowed me to add little details on my wall. I thought this was a great addition to my room and my overall aesthetic.

Another smart way to decorate your room is getting lights! Lights do not only brighten up your day but also brighten up the room in the prettiest ways. The best place to get them is at your local Target or Walmart when they have an after school sale. Most lights will be about $13 and I tend to have two different lights to have a layering effect.

There are so many ways you can decorate a room. Your room should always feel like a safe spot and a place you can turn to. If you make the space into a home then you will feel like you are at home.

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