Top 5 Places To Study For Midterms On Kent's Campus

With midterms slowly creeping up on us, it's time to start planning when, how and where we're going to study. These are the top 5 places to study on Kent's campus. Each of these places are completely different and give off different "vibes" when you're inside.

1. The Architecture Building

Located at 132 S Lincoln St, Kent, OH 44240, this is one of the newest buildings on Kent's campus. This means that everything inside is updated. I've studied here a few times, and I have to say this might be my favorite place to get my homework done for a few hours. When you first walk in there are a large set of stairs, but under the stairs there is a small cafe (that takes your meal plan by the way). I ate there recently with my friend, and we loved what we ordered. They have hot and cold coffee drinks and healthy sandwich options. There is seating all around it, and that seemed to be a louder area of the building. Students were talking to one another while eating their food. On the other side of the building, there are large windows that allow natural light to flood in. This area is a quieter place to study with large tables. They even have outlets built in the tables! Between all these different amenities, this is one of the best places in my opinion to get work done.

2. Tree City Coffee

Just past the Architecture building in downtown Kent is Tree City Coffee. Their address is 135 E Erie St, Kent, OH 44240, and it's not a far drive from campus. If you can't find a seat in the Starbucks across from Rockwell, you can try your luck here! Tree City has a cozy and comfortable feel to it. The tables are on the smaller end, so it can be hard to share the space with a friend or two, but it is manageable. It can get busy on the weekends, but at certain times during the week it can be fairly empty. Their coffee is some of my favorite, so why not drink some caffeine to keep you alert while you study.

3. The Library

This may seem like an obvious one, but the library truly does have some of the best places to study. For example, the 4th floor is a good place to study with friends. You can talk on that floor while lounging on oversized couches and chairs. Other floors, like the 7th, are ones that are completely silent. I've studied here a lot, and going to one of the highest floors to study can be pretty fun. Pick a seat by the window and take breaks by looking out on campus! People watching can give you a light break from studying. Another reason why the library is great is because of the full Starbucks on the first floor that accepts meal plan. It's so easy to grab coffee, tea or a snack and take it to whatever floor you want.

4. Eastway

This may be surprising, but I found that studying at Eastway to be convenient. Last year I lived in Centennial Court A, but I would often meet my friend after class to grab lunch. In the meantime, I would start doing homework or study. The carpeted area across from the market is where I would usually go. The chairs can swallow you though because they are so big, but during the colder months it keeps you warm. At the far end, there's a fireplace as well. The seats are spread out so you do get your own space to study. When you get hungry you can run to the market, or you can move your studying upstairs to eat more of a meal.

5. The Student Center

If you're running around on campus and need time to kill between classes, the Student Center is right in the middle of campus. The first floor recently got some chairs by the bookstore. There's a TV as well as a fireplace. On the second floor, there are larger tables and some chairs that overlook the K. There's plenty of natural light which always helps me study better. It's a little noisier than most places, but if you don't mind some background noise then this would also be a good place to get some work done.

So remember to study hard, and hopefully now that you have some places to try out studying for midterms won't be too terrible!