Staying Productive During Midterms

1. Sleep Calculator

I have recently been learning more about the sleep cycles that everyone goes through during the night. In the morning, I would wake up feeling groggy and have a difficult time prying myself out of bed. One way I have started to combat this is by going on the sleep calculator website and calculating when is the best time for me to wake up. This website gives you a time where you will be in between sleep cycles. If you wake up at one of these times, your body will be able to adjust to being awake easier. If your alarm goes off while you are in a deep sleep, then that’s when you feel groggy! 


2. Create a Daily To-Do List

At night time, I tend to be more motivated to have a productive next day. I think it is important to write out a to-do list for the following day's activities and goals. If you do this, you will have an exact list of things you should get done and not just the bare minimum. This is even more important during midterms! I am the type of person who will put off studying for a test until the very last minute. I am trying to keep everything written down in advance so I can start studying before its cram time!  On my to-do list I make sure to take a mental note of the activities that are a priority. It is easy to put off writing a paper and just fold laundry instead. Taking this mental note will remind you of what is most important on your list. 


3. Wake Up In Plenty Of Time 

When I was a freshman in college, I would only give myself between 15-20 minutes to get ready for the day. Now, I wake up at least an hour in advance before I need to leave in the morning. This allows me to have some me time where I can relax and give my body time to wake up. This tip also relates back to my first tip about the sleep calculator website. I always choose the time that is slightly earlier rather than one that is cutting close to the time I should leave. Midterms can be an overall busy time with school, social life, clubs and just getting sleep. Waking up early to squeeze in some me time is important to set the tone for the rest of the day. A productive morning=a productive day!

4. Use Friends As A Motivator 

Living in my sorority house this semester with 28 people has shown me that it is easy to feed off of the energy of those around you. If my housemates are studying and getting all of their work done, I am more motivated to do the same. There are many times where a large group will go to the library together, and I will tag along for the social aspect. At the library, I will finish my homework while hanging out with my friends. Your vibe does attract your tribe. If you are motivated to be productive and use your time to the fullest then the people you surround yourself will be too!

Just remember.. you can do this! Your hard work will be all worth it in the end after you conquer your midterms and earn your degree!