Saying "Yay" More Often

College is the time when you are constantly thinking about “the big picture.” It can sometimes feel odd to do something purely for fun when you are so used to pumping up your resume. If you are like me, you spent all four years of high school imagining how much fun college would be. Now, you’re in college and sprinting towards the finish line at full speed, with no ability to stop and look around.

It feels like we as college students rarely take time to stop and celebrate the little things. Besides birthdays and landing a dream internship, there isn’t much reason to pop the bubbly.

I’m putting a big red X through that theory.

Starting now, I am suggesting that we all step back and take the time to throw a little party more often.

No, I’m not asking for balloons and champagne on a Wednesday night.

I’m just proposing that we as students take time to celebrate each little accomplishment, and by doing this, maybe we can feel less stressed and a little more confident in ourselves.

What to do:

The next time you get an A on anything, even a 10 point quiz-celebrate it! When we are feeling stressed and unappreciated, the best thing we can do is stop and acknowledge our accomplishments. College can feel like a whirlwind and sometimes you need to stop what you’re doing and ground yourself. Sign an apartment lease? Celebrate! Score a job at the local coffee shop? Awesome! You can’t go four years with the only thing in sight being a big-girl job. Embrace the little things and use it as a tool for de-stressing. You spend everyday focussing on bettering yourself for the future, stop for a second and realize that where you are right now is it’s own accomplishment!

How to do it:

No budget to celebrate Kardashian-style? No worries. Sometimes the best way to feel validated is by simple communication. Reach out to your friends and say “hey, I did something cool today and I want you to know.” Your girl squad loves hyping you up and will be excited to hear about whatever accomplishment you checked off your list for the day! A call home to mom is always a great idea too, no one loves bragging about you more than your own parents! Remind them what you’re doing at school and how challenging it can be! The age old advice of “treat yo’ self” comes into play here too. If you’re looking to splurge on an online shopping binge, then go for it! If you need something a little easier on the wallet, an iced coffee after killing an exam is always the way to go! The biggest thing here is just making sure that you are taking the time to pat yourself on the back and say “hey you, job well done.”

Why you’re going to feel different:

Sometimes it feels like the universe is out to get you. In a competitive world, it’s easy to feel like you are never good enough. When you are watching your classmates score jobs or land crazy cool internships, it can hurt your self esteem. How can you put your best foot forward if you aren’t feeling your best? You have to take a second to care for yourself and feel secure in your endeavors. Acknowledging all your little accomplishments is a great way to wake up every morning feeling refreshed and ready to tackle more challenges!

Whatever the struggle, no matter how big or small of a hill you just had to climb over, be sure that you take a moment to throw a little party! You can’t pour from an empty cup. Being extraordinary is hard work!