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Are you a student at Kent State University who is a strong feminist looking for a kick-butt women’s organization to join during your time at college? Are you unsure of which one to join? Well, look no further. This week Her Campus Kent State is doing a campaign called #LoveYourLocalGirlGangs where we will be featuring five fabulous organizations here at Kent State. The intent is to empower women while having fun and doing something they love and are passionate about! Check out the interview below for all the details of these organizations below!


Her Campus: What is the purpose/goal of your organization?

CHAARG: To liberate girls from the elliptical through trying out new workout classes every week and proving that working out can [ and SHOULD] be fun!

HC: How does your organization empower women?

CHAARG: With a support system of 370 other college-aged women in CHAARG, we empower one another to become the best version of ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

HC: Who is in charge of your organization?

CHAARG: Anna Ferrato, Ambassador with a nutrition major; Kelly Trimper, Treasurer with accounting and finance majors; Ana Sanor, VP Media with a digital sciences major; Cassidy Horrigan, Event Coordinator with a psychology major; AJ Viaene, Event Coordinator with a fashion design major; Danielle LeGallee, Event Coordinator with a psychology major and Elizabeth Ferry, Secretary with a visual communication design major.

HC: Anna, why did you join this organization?

CHAARG: I was seeking out a way to stay in shape throughout college while finding a group of friends with similar interests as me.

HC: Tell us about your upcoming events for this year!

CHAARG: We have so many events to look forward to throughout the end of the semester and the beginning of next. Our favorites include our 4th annual CHAARGmas Mug Exchange, our spring formal in April and workouts such as BOUNCE yoga, kickboxing and bootcamps. 

HC: How does someone become a member?

CHAARG: Online at https://shop.chaarg.com/products/kent-chaarg!

HC: How can students stay updated on everything CHAARG this semester?

CHAARG: Once you are a member, you will start receiving our weekly newsletter with all of our event information. You can also email [email protected]!


Stay updated on everything CHAARG by following them on social media!

Facebook: Kent State University CHAARG


Instagram: Search all of our members using #kentstatechaarg



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