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Emma Chamberlain is one of Gen Z’s biggest social media influencers. Even though she’s only 20 years old, growing up in the spotlight has made her wise beyond her years. 

She continuously shows this maturity when giving advice on her podcast, Anything Goes. One of her recent episodes, “alone but not lonely,” inspired me so greatly, I decided to write about the subject myself. 

In the episode, Chamberlain discusses the importance and value of spending time by oneself, using her own personal experiences as examples. 

“And that has led to some great things and some terrible things. One of the great things being that I’ve had a lot of time to self-reflect, I’ve had a lot of time to mature and grow. And because of my reinvigorated sense of independence, I also have a re-invigorated sense of confidence because with independence comes confidence. If you feel good completely by yourself, and you’re not relying on anybody else, then you feel confident… And I can wait for the person who will appreciate me for exactly who I am.” 

As someone who is always self-reflecting and looking to improve, this quote prompted me to brainstorm ways in which I can enjoy being alone without being lonely. Then, hopefully, I’ll also be able to reap the benefits of feeling confident when I am by myself. 

So far, these are my favorite activities to do alone while preventing loneliness. 

Listen To Podcasts

Of course, I couldn’t make this list without including its inspiration!

Podcasts are a great way to keep up with current events, learn something new or just feel like you’re chatting with an old friend. Naturally, my favorite podcast is Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain, but I also recommend The Daily from “The New York Times” and Office Ladies with Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsey.

Podcasts are a great way to enjoy time alone without feeling isolated because they fill the silence and keep your mind stimulated. Try listening to a podcast while doing chores to enjoy solitary productivity! 

Anything Goes from Ramble

It doesn’t matter what physical activity you enjoy because simply moving your body boosts your mood like nothing else! It helps you to feel more productive and confident, key elements of feeling secure when you’re on your own.

I like running, hiking and lifting, but there are so many more ways to move. Some other examples include yoga, playing a sport or even taking your dog for a walk! 

Sydney Cummings, Makes Workout Videos on YouTube
Take yourself someplace new

As a college student, much of my time is spent doing work for classes. I will also be the first to admit that staring at a computer screen all day in your room can be an extremely lonely situation. That’s why I love to try out new locations on and off-campus to do my work.

Some examples include local coffee shops, interesting buildings on campus and public libraries. However, even if you’re not working on assignments, going to parks, restaurants or niche trinket shops can still be an enjoyable solo trip; you can always find new places to explore!

Tree City, Coffee Shop in Kent, OH
Cook a Nice meal

This idea is taken straight from Chamberlain herself who frequently talks about her own cooking journey.

While Emma has advanced quite a bit since her first couple of meals, cooking even a simple dish for one can be a great way to occupy yourself. Bonus? You get a delicious, homemade meal after all your hard work. 

Hello Fresh, Cooking Subscription Service
start a new hobby

Whether it’s creating art or playing an instrument, starting a new hobby is a great way to occupy your mind with a task you enjoy.

Trying to teach yourself a new skill forces you to be present and not let your mind wander into isolation. My favorite hobbies include reading, coloring and journaling. 

Barnes and Noble, Bookstore

So let’s all strive to be like Chamberlain: confident even when we’re alone. Just because we are by ourselves doesn’t mean we are lonely. 

Jenna Bal

Kent State '24

Jenna Bal is a sophomore journalism major with a minors in English and web development. This is her second semester writing for HerCampus and the Burr. When she’s home in Toledo, Jenna enjoys working as a barista and spending time with her younger sisters. Her hobbies include reading, hiking, and journaling, and her favorite read is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. After graduation, she hopes to write for a magazine and eventually pursue her master’s degree in library sciences.
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