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How to Keep Your Cool During the Final Weeks of the Semester

Anyone would probably say that the home stretch of spring semester is one of the toughest times to get through during the school year. Suddenly every project and essay starts to pile up and the stress becomes too overwhelming. It can be hard to not let all of the worry and anxiety get to you, especially when professors are handing out final assignments left and right. When you get to this point, here are some ideas to keep yourself motivated and not crumble from all of the pressure.

1. Listen to your favorite playlist 

I know that when I get overwhelmed from an excess amount of school work, putting on my favorite music helps me calm down and puts me in a better mood. Find a good playlist, crank some tunes, and zone out from the world for a little bit, allowing yourself to have the break you deserve as you work hard through the rest of the semester.

2. Get some fresh air 

Being stuck inside for a long period of time can keep you from being motivated and getting work done. Going outside and taking a walk or just escaping from the confines of your dorm and workspace for a little bit can really help re-boost your brain and give some energy back. Especially with the weather warming up now, it can be great to take advantage of that and take in the world around you. 

3. Self-care and pampering 

A little TLC can go a long way when you are feeling defeated or worried. Doing a face mask, painting your nails or taking a bath can really help ease the tension and make you feel instantly better. Making sure that you are still focusing, but taking care of yourself is just as equally important as getting your school work done. 

4. Set deadlines and make a list

Sometimes being able to see what you have to get done written on paper helps a lot with keeping organized and not being overly stressed. Take a minute and write down everything that you need to complete and keep track of when everything is due. Having deadlines and seeing them on a piece of paper is very helpful and keeps me motivated, rather than trying to remember everything in my head and taking the risk of forgetting something that I need to do.   

5. Find a new environment to work in

Whenever I start to get into a rut or become distracted wherever I’m doing work at, I like to try to find a new place to surround myself in. Whether it’s finding a coffee shop, going to the library, or even getting out of my room, being productive can become a lot easier when you put yourself in a new and different environment. Getting through the last stressful weeks of the semester can seem very rough, but by staying positive and finding the best ways to de-stress. You can survive these trying times. Prove to yourself and everyone else that you can handle anything and power through these next few weeks! 

Danica Garcia

Kent State '20

Danica Garcia is a Fashion Merchandising major with a Fashion Media minor at Kent State University.
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