Fit February #1: 8 Exercises You Can Do In Your Dorm

With February upon us and my resolutions from January starting to fade, I decided to make my life even harder. I wanted to get back on the horse and actually make this semester count for more than just classes. And what I came up with is called Fit February. Now if you are looking for an article solely about losing weight, this is not for you. This month is all about getting healthy, both physically and mentally.  So ladies, lace up those tennis shoes, tie up that hair and get healthy with me.

#1 Russian Twists

Also known as grinders, this quick exercise will definitely grind away that extra lower belly fat. First, sit down with your legs in front of you, then lift your legs and touch the ground on either side of you in a twisting motion. For the best results do three sets of twenty-five reps.

#2  Peeing dog planks

*No dogs are harmed in the performance of this exercise* To start, go on to your hands and knees, in push up position. Extend your legs out so that you are in a high plank. Then with one leg, pull it forward to your elbow, then reach out and up with the same leg. Repeat on both side twenty times. This is most effective if done in sets of 3.

#3 Jumping Jack Squats

Yes, combining two of the oldest exercises does not sound like any fun. To be completely honest it really is not fun, but to make your butt look like a bubble, sacrifices must be made. For this exercise you are going to put your feet shoulder length apart, the bend down into a squat and as you start back up jump and raise your hands at the same time. For best results do three sets of twenty reps.

#4 Ballet Taps


This one is more low key, but it makes your calves beach stepping ready. First find a wall, a railing, a couch or a friend to hold on to for this exercise. Holding whatever you chose will help you keep your balance. Once you grabbed something, put all of your weight onto one foot and raise onto the toes of that foot. Then pulse up and down with that foot. For best results repeat on both legs twenty times.

#5 Push-ups


Now arm day has never been my favorite day, but I do force myself to do the old fashion push up almost every single day. For the best results do at least two sets of five every day. I do mine once in the morning and once in the evening.

#6 Pep talks in the mirror

Not all exercises will be physical, but most mental exercises are the ones that show the most improvement the quickest. For this exercise find the nearest (and possibly most private) mirror to you. Start off by talking out loud what tasks you have to do still, then how you are going to get them done and finally how awesome you are for doing these things. Even if it is how you still need to make your bed, you are amazing for that.

#7 Spend an hour away from society


I know my phone is my security blanket. wherever I go, it goes. I am always checking my email and texts to see if dates work with people or if I need to renew anything or a new assignment is posted.  But what I have found very freeing is being away from all my responsibilities. For an hour I put it away, I put my computer away, I put my bookbag away, and I try to be alone. In this time I reflect on my day, I read my book, I write in my journal and I meditate. No doubt that it is hard at first but once in the swing of it, you will start to look forward to it.

#8 See how much water you can drink in a day and beat it the next day

Yes, there is an endpoint and that is when you can not move you are so full of water. But then and only then should you stop trying to drink more water. Water is so important to our bodies, it is an anti-aging agent, it clears your skin, and it can help determine if you are hungry or just bored. Water is a superfood.