The Best Workout Leggings No Matter Your Budget

For a lot of people, myself included, having workout gear that you feel comfortable and confident in is key. However, sometimes being on a budget can limit your options. This list compiles some of the best athletic leggings for all different price ranges so you can look and feel your best on any type of budget!



  1. 1. $0-$25: Yogalicious

    This brand has some of my favorite leggings for everyday wear as well as working out. I have found them at places like TJMaxx and Marshalls as well as Amazon. Many reviews compare them to Lululemon leggings. They are extremely soft and offer a wide variety of styles all at a reasonable price.

  2. 2. $30-$50: PINK

    Victoria's Secret's PINK has a line of seamless workout leggings that are a bit more compressive compared to Yogalicious leggings. They also have a design on the back that contours around your booty to really make it pop. The compressive high waistband ensures that they won't roll or sag during your workout.

  3. 3. $55-$70: Alphalete Athletics

    These are my personal favorite workout leggings and despite the price point, they are SO worth it. Alphalete is a company that was started in a small gym in Texas just a few years ago and has blown up in the athletic wear world. What makes these leggings so amazing to me is the compressive yet comfortable material that smooths and slims you down. While they may be pricey, Alphalete often runs sales where you can get their leggings as low as $30 a piece.

  4. 4. $95-$150: Lululemon

    Lululemon is most widely known for their leggings that are extremely pricey, but many swear by them. I have never purchased a pair because I personally cannot justify spending an entire payceck on one pair of leggings, but I know many people who do own them and love them. Lululemon will also often repair a product for you, on a case by case basis, as they mention on their website multiple time that their leggings are meant to last 2-5 years. 

Have fun shopping these awesome brands!