9 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Concert Experience

Going to a concert is a magical experience. You get to see an artist you love and share your mutual appreciation for their art in person. But while their set might be one of the best moments of your life, everything leading up to and after can quickly turn bad if you aren’t properly prepared for the night. Take it from me, a seasoned concert-goer who has had her fair share of good and bad live music experiences: knowing how to look fashionable while staying comfortable and safe is easier than you think. Here are 9 tips for making the most out of your concert experience!

  1. 1. Hydration!

    The first and most important tip is to stay hydrated. It’s no fun if you pass out before the artist even steps foot on the stage. Especially if the venue is outdoors and in the heat, you will want to stay hydrated. Drink more water than you usually drink two or three days before the concert to prepare. On the day of the show, continue drinking a lot of water, but stop about two hours before you plan to go to the venue. This way you won’t have to leave in the middle of a set to use the bathroom! It sounds funny, but if you seriously want to ensure you won’t have to use the bathroom at all once you get your spot, drink Pedialyte the day of the show. This is more a tip for when you are going to a show without assigned seats so you don’t lose your spot (think general admission or pit shows), but Pedialyte, an electrolyte drink specifically made to help with dehydration, is seriously a life-saver when it comes to staying hydrated but not having to use the bathroom (it’s also a great hangover cure!).

  2. 2. Eat smart

    Another important thing that you might overlook? Eating. As you should do for water, eating very healthy meals for the days leading up to the concert is essential to feeling your best the day of the show. Don’t be tempted to eat fast food or whatever they are selling at the concession stands inside the venue. The most important thing is to eat a healthy, protein-packed breakfast the day of and continue snacking on fruits and veggies throughout the day. I always get super anxious the day I have a general admission show and tend to forget to eat. Don’t do this! One time the only thing I ate the entire day was a singular potato chip. Let’s just say that was not the move.

  3. 3. Stay charged

    The next most important tip is to keep your phone charged! One of the worst feelings in the world is having your phone die as you’re trying to take a video of your favorite artist. I would know, it’s happened to me before! The most essential accessory you need on show days are power chargers. These nifty devices will give life back to your phone if it’s needing a little TLC. Another helpful tip for keeping your phone charged? While you’re waiting for the show to start, keep your phone on airplane mode. If you need to be on your phone, disable notifications, which use a lot of battery. You can also turn airplane mode on but still use WiFi, meaning you can send SMS texts but you won’t be using data, BlueTooth and other applications that zap your battery life. Phones also charge faster when on airplane mode, so you can get back to 100% in no time!

  4. 4. Layer it up

    Concert fashion is important, but staying comfortable and happy is also important! Despite the temperature outside, always, always, always dress in layers for a show. You never know how hot or cold the venue will be until you’re actually standing in the crowd. In the winter, make sure to bundle up outside, but leave your coat at coat check if the venue has one. If not, leave your coat in your car if you parked close enough to not freeze on your walk to the venue! Nobody wants to be in a packed crowd wearing a winter coat. In the summer, dress for the heat, but tie a light-weight jacket around your waist just in case you get cold. Cute layers like jean jackets, flannels and sweaters are a concert must-have. 

  5. 5. Put the heels away

    Another important detail is your shoes. While they can make or break an outfit, say goodbye to the high heels and booties for one night. Trust me, wearing a comfortable pair of shoes will make all the difference as you dance the night away. Also, don’t try to break in a new pair of shoes on the day of your show. Your feet will thank me for this tip later!

  6. 6. Protect your ears

    A small and often forgotten tip: earplugs. While it might seem corny, taking care of your ears is the opposite of lame. Tinnitus is a serious condition that you can get if you don’t properly take care of your ears during shows. But, like any accessory, you can make your earplugs fashionable!

  7. 7. Fan away the heat

    If your show is in the summer, consider buying a small portable fan to keep you cool.

  8. 8. Leave the purse at home

    If you don’t want to bring a entire bag or purse and/or you’re worried about the venue’s bag policy, wear a jacket with zippable or velcro pockets and only bring your phone, ID, credit card/cash and your car key (you don’t need your whole lanyard with every key, just your car key). If you were dropped off at the venue? Great, your key is one less thing you need to worry about! Pro tip? If there’s room, slide your cards and key into your shoe. It sounds funny, but if you don’t have anywhere else to put them, your shoe will keep them safe and secure.

  9. 9. Fanny packs for the win

    Another good fashionable option that is small and easy to manage? A fanny pack!

Hopefully, you learned at least one new tip to prepare you for your next concert. In the end, what matters most is that you are safe and feel good at your show! Try to have a positive attitude and have experiences you will remember forever! Have fun and stay safe!

Hopefully, you learned at least one new tip to prepare you for your next concert. In the end, what matters most is that you feel good at your show! Have fun and stay safe!