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7 Adult Realizations College Students Have

College is a strange time that involves starting to enter adulthood, yet still feeling like a lost puppy who’s not quite sure what to do with themselves. So naturally, through navigating this part of our lives, we all encounter some very adult realizations just like these ones at one point or another. 


Realizing the Search for an Internship/Big Girl Job is Fast Approaching

I’m only a sophomore yet it seems like everywhere I go people are talking about what kind of internship they’re getting this summer and where they see themselves working in a few years. I also know people talking about they’re preferred marriage status, the number of kids they want and what kind of plant they want sitting on their window sill. Meanwhile, I still start my mornings with a bowl of fruit loops and sleep with a night light because I’m afraid of the dark.

There’s Such a Thing as Grocery Store Etiquette

I’ve gone grocery shopping many times before with my mom, but my second year of college is the first time I’ve ever gone alone on a regular basis. In this time, I have picked up a few do’s and don'ts of the grocery store world. The most important one I’ve learned is don't park your cart right in front of the milk fridge, it’s beyond annoying when you just want to get your hands on that 2% gallon but someone's big fat cart is blocking the whole thing.

The Urge to Get a Dog Grows Stronger With Each Passing Day

Now that I’m technically an adult living at college, it takes everything in me not to run down to the animal shelter and take home every single dog I see. I have to constantly remind myself I don’t have the money or the stability for a dog yet, though that doesn’t stop me from looking at puppies online every other day.

The Adult Vitamin Gummies Don’t Taste Nearly as Good as The Kids One

Ever since I switched from the kid’s princess multivitamin gummies to the women’s ones I’ve been sorely disappointed. The bottle says the women’s ones are raspberry flavored but I don’t believe it, they’re downright gross. All the gummies are just shaped the same too, with my princess ones there was always the surprise as to whether I would get Jasmine, Rapunzel or Ariel.

Someday the Car Wash Will be Unavoidable

Maybe this one is just me, but something about the idea of having to drive my car through the car wash terrifies me. I probably should have done this myself a long time ago, and I realize I’m going to have to do it someday soon, I’m just not sure I’m ready.

You'll Always Be Asking Your Mom A Million Questions

How long should I put this in the microwave? What’s the Netflix password? I just drank expired milk, am I going to die? What should I set the dryer to? What would actually happen if I wash whites and colors together? What the heck does this bill mean? When is my doctors' appointment again? Can you just do it for me?

Existing is Really Expensive

Becoming an adult means becoming much more aware of the endless expenses it takes just to exist in this world. So, making any kind of plans ever is pretty much out of the budget, I swear I can spend money just walking down the street breathing in air.

Amanda Vogt is a sophomore at Kent State University and is from the suburbs of Rochester New York. Her studies include a major in fashion merchandising as well as a minor in creative writing. She has always loved writing and used to spend her days in math and science class coming up with short stories instead of calculating numbers. She is also an avid lover of all things fashion and makeup related and has been interested in the industry ever since she was little. She hopes to live in a big city after college with an unhealthy amount of dogs.
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