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Self-Care Guide: Starting the New Year Off to a Productive Start

Helloooooo 2021, and goodbye 2020! Let's face it, 2020 was an... interesting (emphasis on interesting) year. For most of us, 2020 put a hold on things we valued, cherished, and looked forward to. Some of us may have even lost things or didn't get to experience things how we wanted to. Overall, we made it! Fortunately, the year 2020 has made us stronger, determined, and unstoppable. Now that we have entered a new year, it's time to leave certain things in the past that we no longer benefit from, or that weighed us down. 2021 is all about prosperity, health, and of course... success! 

Creating a Vision Board

Vision boards are a great and inexpensive way to physically manifest your goals. Vision boards are a visual daily reminder that helps remind you of your goals and dreams. Just hear me out for a second, seeing a collage of your goals, dreams, and aspirations every single day can definitely help kick-start your imagination and motivate you! It's literally a Pinterest board -- but on a poster board! I do this every year, and it's super fun! This is a great activity to do with your family and friends. And when I said inexpensive -- it's super inexpensive. All it requires is a poster board of your color, scissors, magazines, and markers. Vision boards are an effective way to clear confusion about what you want to achieve. Visualization is one of the most effective and popular mind exercises, which is another form of manifestation. When seeing something that inspires you, it's easy to stay motivated and focused. 

Using Fridays and Saturdays as Time to Unwind

Being a college can get extremely stressful at times. We often overwhelm and wear ourselves out which can cause us to breakdown, give up, or even worse... lose focus of our purpose. With times like this, it's crucial to set some time aside for ourselves. Using Fridays and Sundays to unwind and give yourself a break for once can be super helpful. Put the book, and laptop ( unless you're watching Netflix) away for once! Take a hot-- steamy shower and fix yourself some tea and journal. Or, possibly start that project you've been wanting to for months but never got to. Do whatever makes you happy, and takes your mind away from stress. Now obviously, we're humans, stressing is completely normal -- but too much isn't good at all. We can get so wrapped up with school and work that we forget to be nice to ourselves. You may be wondering, why Fridays and Sundays? You've worked ALL week! Using Friday to take a break, Saturday to look over things school/work-related, and Sunday to rest, breathe and gather our thoughts for Monday. Be kind to yourself! 

Putting Yourself First 

Now, all the others were important... but this one? This is a BIG one. How does that quote go? "You only get one you, so it's just best to love yourself". You should prioritize yourself no matter what. Make yourself your number one priority. Self-love is super crucial especially in times like these. Think of it as dating yourself, not really-- but, the point I am trying to make is that you don't get another you. Make sure that you're being kind to yourself, and surrounding yourself with peacefulness and positivity. Strengthen your aura by having a healthy and positive mind. Remember, no one can love you like you can love yourself. 

Remember, it's super easy to lose focus and question your worth and purpose. We have all been there, you are not alone! I care about wellness and the well being of others, which is exactly why I created three helpful tips to help struggling women, or for those who may need a little push and guidance. Be kind to yourself. 

India Harris

Kennesaw '24

India is a 20 year old college student who loves expressing her thoughts, views and authentic- self through writing.
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