Mia Sapp

Major: Criminal Justice and Psychology

Year: Junior

Instagram and twitter : @findher_m_i_a

What are some things that you’re working on right now? "Right now I have a Pasty Business Called “Boujettas Pastry” and I’m also working on a book for college females."

Who inspires you? “My mentor Ashley because she motivates me to strive harder and continue to push past my struggles.”

Favorite Color: Black

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? “I enjoy baking from scratch and hanging out with my friends. Also, I am the P.R for a music group called “Uplift” where we travel and perform for lounges, weddings and special events.”

What do you plan on doing after you graduate?: “Open my own bakery in my neighborhood and work with children.”

Photo credit

Anijah Knighton