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With this global pandemic, it is true that staying positive is not an easy task. The longer it lasts, the more complicated it is to try to see things from the good side. That is also why, now more than ever, we need to be positive. Of course, when I try to explain to my family that "you have to be positive!" I often hear "we can't always be", or "but what is positivity after all?". I've been told before that it's easy to be positive when "you've never experienced anything serious." However, being positive is not saying that everything is perfect all the time, no. Positivity is trying to see something good in everything. Even if a situation is very hard and complicated, you have to know how to find the light at the end of the tunnel. In other words, positive thinking is approaching life’s challenges with an optimistic outlook.

Furthermore, being positive doesn't mean you can't feel unwell. We are human, no one is perfect and you have to know how to listen to your emotions. You have to listen to yourself and take the time to understand why you are not okay. In fact, we need to have a positive approach towards ourselves and not inflict negativity. This is why it is very important to implement little tips every day to try to be positive! 

1- +=+ 

I hate mathematics but I understood that quite well. If you think positively, positivity will come to you. For example, imagine yourself going to a job interview. You are stressed because you really want that job. Your approach to this interview surely defines whether you get the job or not. If you go in with a negative way of thinking that you don't deserve it or that you just can't, then you won't have it. Without knowing it, you underestimate yourself, you don't give yourself confidence and when you enter the room, the manager feels your emotions which emanate from you. And that is not what you want. Conversely, if you go in with a positive attitude, telling yourself that you can do it and that you are the best for this position, then the manager will feel that you have confidence in yourself and want the job.

2- Try to write/say one good thing that happened during your day

I recently had a family member who got really sick and it was hard for him to see good things. Therefore, to help him get better, I decided that every day before going to bed, we both had to say one positive thing that happened during our day. At first, it was simple things like the beautiful sunset or the walk we had... etc. And day after day, it became easier to find something as he knew I would ask him the question, so he would think about it beforehand. He developed a positive mindset and that is what I wanted.

3- Try to do at least one thing that you enjoy every day 

I am not going to tell you to "eat healthily and exercise" to be positive. Simply, do something you like. If it is watching a Netflix TV show, go for it. If it is drawing, let's go. No matter what you like, it is important to do it at least once every day because we only live once, and you do not want to have any regrets.

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4- Try to share your positivity 

When you meet your friends, make sure you are happy to see them. The way you approach someone determines how people will respond and perceive you. Your infectious energy can encourage others to think positively and feel motivated. I find it amazing to have that little power.

5- Surround yourself with good company 

I feel like you already know what I am talking about. We don't want toxic relationships anymore, let's change the trend. Make sure you are surrounded by healthy connections that help you feel positive. I always tell myself, it is better to be surrounded by one real friend than ten fake/toxic friends.

6- Share your tips

No one is perfect and we all deal with positivity differently. If you see someone struggling, don't hesitate to talk to them, to share your ideas and tips about positivity and how +=+. Add value and positivity to someone else's life.

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7- Try to be grateful 

During the many lockdowns, one thing that helped me the most was being grateful. I am happy to have a garden, to see the sun rise and admire a beautiful sunset. To spend time with my family or appreciate flowers. You have to know how to be happy with what you have and appreciate the little things in life. Remember to say thank you and try to be grateful.

8- Be yourself 

This last tip may be the hardest one to follow. No one is perfect, so accept and embrace yourself. If you make a mistake, learn everything you can from it but don't be too hard on yourself and move on. If you struggle with something, take a break, take time to heal, everything will be alright. Trust yourself to be the best version of who you are.


Hi! My name is Manon, I am from France and I have been traveling the world my whole life. Exploring different countries is something I am passionate about it, I love connections and differences between cultures. I would love to write about everything on this world that deserve to be known !
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