The Reality of University

Freshers are one month into the first term of university and I’m pretty sure we’ve really come to understand that maybe not all of our expectations about our uni experience have actually become a reality. Here are four things we thought were going to happen, but in fact turned out to be much different...


1) Expectation: “a BIG shopping spree is needed”

I know for a fact this was near the top of all our to-do lists and everyone went shopping to buy more clothes than their wardrobes could fit because obviously we all need to look cute and boujee for every single lecture and seminar. Right?

Of course not. The reality is that uni isn’t a fashion show (unless you want it to be and you’re a morning person of course - but who is nowadays?) which is what explains all the hoodies, leggings and tracksuits. So give it about another week or so, especially in this London weather, and your snug fluffy blanket will be the go-to OOTD.


2) Expectation: “I’m going to every single lecture and seminar”

The start of the year is always exciting and in most cases everyone is ready to begin their journey to achieve that degree. We all bought new stationery, planners and cool gadgets we’re adamant will help with our organisation.  However, if you have to miss a lecture or a seminar at some point don’t beat yourself up. Sometimes mental health takes over, or an emergency gets in the way. Just get yourself to the next one!


3) Expectation: “Once my loan rolls in, I’ll be balliiiinnn!”

The first instalment of our maintenance loan really got us excited didn't it? But Fresher’s Week and basically every week after that really did start racking up the receipts. Three or four rounds of tequila shots every night and tickets to the sports nights every Wednesday ON TOP of the essentials of course, like rent and food, have drained our loans and we’re only one month in! But we’ll learn from our mistakes... hopefully. So realistically, it’s not as exciting as we thought.


4) Expectation: “Uni is soooo much easier than A-levels

Yep everyone got played. We truly thought university would be easier than the past two or so years, how could we be so gullible? This myth circulated just before the summer, maybe as a tool for motivation to do well in exams and distract us from the dread, but funnily enough had we used our common sense, we would have been prepared for the abundance of novels, textbook chapters, homework and assignments piled on us every week, while trying to juggle a nice night out, gym, friends and family as well as some basic sleep and food that doesn't consist of ready made pasta meals or instant noodles everyday.

So the reality? It’s definitely not easier than A-Levels.


With that being said however, it’s not all that bad. Everyone is kind and welcoming, both teachers and other students, and the diversity in King’s is amazing. You meet so many different people, you have great fun and begin a new journey learning about yourself whilst also receiving a top-notch education. So, although we may have been surprised by some aspects of university, ultimately it is all worthwhile!