How to Get Ready For Christmas During Lockdown

During this strange period, it is normal to feel depressed, lonely or to not have any motivation to actually do something. Lockdown number 2 is different: it is colder, darker, and November, but more than ever, it is going to be Christmas! My eternal positivity pushes me to start celebrating it anyway because it is one of the most joyful celebrations (and my favourite). If, like me, you start to celebrate Christmas right after the 31st of October, then you are going to love this article!


To get started, you need to immerse yourself in a proper Christmas atmosphere… How can you do that? 

  1. 1. Get some candles (Christmas ones obviously)

    One of my favorite brands is Yankee Candle because the smell is significant and it really perfumes the room. In addition, there is originality in the smells, the names of candles, and their packagings. 

  2. 2. Light a fire and put on a plaid

    These can seem like small details, but believe me, it works. The magic behind lighting a fire, putting a plaid and drinking something hot like a tea or a hot chocolate is THE best way to experience Christmas. You know this feeling of being cosy, bundled up in a soft plaid? 

  3. 3. Alongside with 2), turn on Netflix and watch their Christmas movies 

    person holding remote control at TV

    This seems like the obvious one, but it can be the easiest way to feel the Christmas atmosphere. You know the types of really cheesy movies that always have a happy ending? At some point you love it become it is a Christmas thing to do, but on the other side, you hate it because it always has a happy ending. They have some great new ones this year, so check them out! 

  4. 4. Decorate as much as you want 

    As we are in lockdown, it can become easily frustrating to stay at home and work online. I have a great escape for you… Decorate your house! Instead of being sad because it is raining outside, install your Christmas tree, put garlands on your balcony/garden, and hang small decorations!


  5. 5. While decorating, listen to Christmas songs

    headphones leaning against a stack of records

    Thanks to Mariah Carey, we have amazing Christmas songs you can enjoy while decorating. Jingle Bells, Santa Claus is Coming to Town or even Mary's Boy Child, I know you know what I am talking about. Let’s sing and enjoy!

  6. 6. Make your Christmas list! 

    To-do, list, paper, pen, journal

    If you want a new camera, the Playstation 5, or a new pet, don’t forget to write it down and send it to your family if they ask you want you want. Yes, it's time to question yourself; what do I want for Christmas? It's funny how all year long we want things that we can't buy and we say 'Okay, I will ask for it for my birthday or Christmas' and when the celebrations come, we forget what we actually wanted… This is one reason why now that we are in lockdown, we have time to think about it, so go ahead!

  7. 7. Start thinking about presents for your family 

    I don’t know about you, but I deeply enjoy thinking about presents for my friends and family. I love the idea of making them happy with a small thing. Today more than ever, it is going to be challenging to to find gifts, having the uncertainty of being able to access the shops. That's why, if you're the last-minute planning type, I recommend changing your plans and getting started now, as the post office is going to be swamped with parcels from December.

  8. 8. Christmas also mean solidarity 

    It is a good time, (especially now that we actually have the time,) to give your time wisely. Find an association where you can volunteer your time to help the underprivileged, abandoned animals, people in need or in hospitals. Something simple like this can sometimes be good for those around you. 

I hope you liked these ideas. Don’t forget that even if we grow up and the magic of Christmas fades as we grow older, even if the reality of life tends to make us forget the pleasure and joy of Christmas, it is still Christmas, and it is still the best time of the year to have hope and to care for others.