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Freshman Fears?

 There are two types of people in college. Those who move about an hour or so away from home to a city they’re familiar with, where they have some friends and familiar faces and the other being those who move far away from home to a city they’re not at all, or at most, vaguely familiar with where they have no acquainted faces. Now, both these moves can be equally taxing, emotionally draining and as much of life experiences. I am embarking on the latter of the two, and I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity, the independence and the incredibly diverse cohort; however, I, as you may too, have my fears (which I have listed below).


  1. Making friends: I’m moving away from the school that I have studied in forever and away from friends that I’ve made over those years – people who I have known my entire life. I’m now moving to a place where people come from different backgrounds, different countries and they speak different languages. Making friends here can be a different ball game altogether. I yield that if we’re privileged enough and lucky enough to get into a school as diverse as Kings, why not utilise the whole opportunity? Expanding our outlook and widening our friend circle can be such an exciting thought, except that it’s the implementation that can get daunting. Even the most likeable, gregarious people, still have this unexplainable fear.  

  2. Missing home: I’ve lived at home my entire life. I have an affectionate family, a younger sister and two dogs that have basically been my everything for 19 years. They are the last people I see each night and first I see in the morning for most of my life. Leaving them for long periods of time is something I haven’t done very often, and that will be a significant difference in university. It’s a wee bit daunting, but I guess I’m also ready for a new kind of freedom. Nonetheless, I think missing them is certain.

  3. Getting lonely: When at home, every need is taken care of. Getting lonely isn’t something that happens very often since I never feel alone when at home and it will take a while before university feels like home. While in a room in a big new city, with people I don’t know very well, perhaps it’s more likely to feel the sensation of isolation that I very much hate. 

  4. Studying and getting good grades: All the above-mentioned reasons are reasons that come with moving away from home whether that is to college or boarding school or just in general, as an adult. On the other hand, this point is to do with school itself. University is a whole different situation from school. Classes are bigger, professors are less personal, content is heavier, more complicated and more taxing.  The days of spoon-feeding and colourful textbooks have ended, and I’m terrified that I’m not equipped. Yes, I graduated high school and I managed to get to university but does that necessarily mean that I’m prepared to face university? That too, should take time.  

Now, this post was not meant to frighten anybody. That by no means my intention. What I meant is for us to feel less alone. So, if you are reading this and you feel in any way, less anxious and more excited – I have achieved my aim. 

I would like to conclude by wishing everybody good luck because although I have worries, I am absolutely excited for this new phase because we have worked so hard to be here so here’s to having a smashing three years at university! 


I’m Laya, a dog-loving, coffee drinking, book reading, optimistic and self-proclaimed stand-up comedian. Also, occasionally, I write. My written ramblings are based on whatever topic has been bouncing off the walls of my brain. However arbitrary they are, I hope you like them!
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