5 Study Breaks You Can Take Beyond Screens

As the new academic year has just kicked it, it is finally that time again: to gather your files, start using your pen after a 4 month long summer break, get OneNote ready, charge your iPad and laptop to 100%, and get into the studying grind. Nothing is worse than sitting down at a cramped desk surrounded by piles of notes, only to realize that you have read the same paragraph five times and still don’t understand the first word. To keep peak productivity, escape from the summer blues and take a few study breaks away from the blue light of your screens – yes, that includes television. And yes, it is actually possible to have a life beyond the screen and feel reenergized!

1. Move it, Move it

It’s always a good idea to exercise those muscles a bit, even if it’s just a 5 minute long break; it could be going for a brisk walk in your dorm, or jogging on the spot in the room, or maybe even a short stretching routine. Exercise not only helps improve your mood and serves as one of the best antidotes to stress via the release of endorphins (chemicals which make you happy!) but also help refocus your mind. So get that blood flowing to the brain and increase your productivity more than ever!

2. Drink (water)

Feeling tired? It may be a sign of dehydration. Filling up back on H20 could zap the sleepiness. Staying hydrated helps with the ability to focus. Sipping on water makes you feel refreshed which actually improves your state of mind; several studies have shown that even mild dehydration has a negative impact of moods. Hence, fill a jug with water and drink up.

3. Take a nap

I’m sure you have heard of a power nap, who hasn’t? however, make sure that it is between 10-20 minutes and doesn’t exceed the time limit; a longer nap could be dangerous since there are high chances that you slip into deeper stages of sleep and thus making it harder to zap out. A short nap will not only help jump start alertness and productivity but also boost mood and creativity.

4. Walk it

No, not in the aisle of the library. Get outside and breathe in some fresh air, no matter how short the walk may be. It will help re-energize you by getting the blood flowing. A recent study has found that five-minute walks can improve moods, reduce lethargy and have a positive effect on one’s overall health.

5. Declutter your workspace

A clean desk = a clean mind. With random notes, post-its, handbooks, bills, inkless pens and sheets of paper, it can be big distraction while studying. Clearing up a bit in your break will help lessen the mess and actually help improve concentration too. Also, who doesn’t like a clear surface? So get decluttering in your break!

Immediately reaching out for our phones in study breaks is the easy way out, but it might not be the best idea. Going from one screen to the next does not let your mind rest, hence you may not feel refreshed. To make the most out of your study break, try a few of the above options ad let your mind genuinely take a break. All the best and happy studying!