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Ten Things to Do Now That Midterms are Over

Now that GameDay came and went and you crammed your way through midterm week, here are a few things to do to get your life back together.


1. Sleep

During midterm week you’re up at the crack of dawn and stay at the library until it closes so finally just shut off the lights and catch up on all the sleep that you lost this week and sleep like a little baby.


2. Do Laundry

Everyone knows that during midterm week the last thing on your mind is to do laundry and you end up re-wearing the same pair of leggings over and over again but hey who’s going to notice, they are all black anyway. Throw those puppies in the wash now that you have the time.


3. Go Food Shopping

You’ve punched all week long and eaten Cheese Please every night for dinner, or continuously ordered delivery to the library but now you have the time to go and buy yourself some real food and nommmm.


4. Get Back to the Gym

Get those muscles pumping again! 


5. Talk to Your Roommates for Literally the First Time All Week

You’ve been camping out in the library all week with no social interaction besides saying “bless you” to the person styudying next to you. Have a dinner date and catch up with the roomies.


6. Go on a Coffee Detox



You’ve gotten to that point in the semester where the Starbucks workers know your name without having to ask. It’s time to try and kick the addiction, at least until finals week starts.


7. Binge-watch Your Favorite Show on Netflix

A whole week without Meredith and Derek??? It’s time to make it up to them and watch an entire season even if Netflix tries and makes you feel guilty by having the “are you still watching” memo pop up.


8. Go Outside and Enjoy the Nice Weather While You Still Can!

Go to the quad with friends or visit the dog park to be attacked by fluffy friends. Just do something to get that Vitamin D that you’ve been lacking.



You don’t have any responsibilities so party like the world is ending. The more Burnett’s the better!


10. And Whatever You Do – Do NOT Go Back Into the Library EVER

(or at least, not until Finals’ Week)


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