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NatureBox: Healthy Eating Delivers

I’ve never really been into subscription box services. It seems like in the past few years, they’ve been all the rage, but before now I was never quite convinced. Nonetheless, companies like Birchbox, Ipsy, and Popsugar have mastered the art of charging your credit card $19.99 a month for deluxe-sized samples of face masks, nail polishes, and other girly goodies.

I’ve always thought this was an awesome concept—trying new beauty products every month without ever setting foot in Sephora. But I wasn’t entirely sold; I’m the type of girl that sticks to my favorite products and doesn’t tend to switch it up. I knew if I ever subscribed to one of these box services, I’d just end up with a drawer of unused creams, gels, and powders. But what’s one thing that I’m always in need of and can talk about for hours? Food. That’s where NatureBox comes in.

NatureBox is pretty straightforward as far as subscription boxes go–you pay a fixed amount of money every month to have a box of treats delivered to your door. The difference though, is that NatureBox sends healthy, nutritionist-approved, snacks. And no, it’s not just a box of dehydrated kale and unflavored nuts… The snacks NatureBox sends you are formulated with both your taste buds and waistline in mind. So you don’t have to beat yourself up if you come home and binge-eat while you marathon Parks and Rec. We’ve all been there, girl. No shame.

They use simple ingredients (no hidden sugars or chemicals you can’t pronounce!) that will actually leave your mouth watering. Some of my favorite snacks include guacamole bites, lemon tea biscuits, everything bagel sticks, and blueberry Greek yogurt pretzels. Definitely not the bland health food you’ve been pretending to love this whole time. NatureBox lets you take control of your monthly box, allowing you to pick through hundreds of snacks based on your taste preferences. Or if you’re the adventurous type, they’ll send you a surprise array of snacks you’ll be sure to love. And on the off chance you aren’t feelin’ it, their customer service representatives are awesome—they’ll replace any snacks you don’t enjoy entirely free of charge.

You may be thinking though, “I don’t need to get food sent to me in the mail, that’s weird. I can just go to Target and get the same thing.” You thought wrong though! NatureBox’s snacks are formulated and packaged in-house—you won’t be able to find this stuff on shelves. Plus, for $20 a month, you receive five substantial sized snacks. On a college student’s budget, that’s actually a pretty good deal—especially considering you’ll be eating something of nutritional value.

So have I sold you yet? Are you itching to sign up for NatureBox? If you’re still teetering on the edge, let me push you over–you can have your first box for free if you sign up for a trial box. So head on over to NatureBox.com and get snacking!

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