Lisa Pulley ‘16

Name: Lisa Pulley

Year: Senior

Major: Health Sciences, Pre Physical Therapy

Campus Activities: Alpha Delta Pi member, Pre-PT Chairperson in Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Anatomy TA

Fitness Instagram Username:

How did fitness become such a large part of your life?

I grew up running a lot and ran track in high school. When I got to college it was weird for me to be so sedentary, so about two years ago I made it a habit to work out every day (besides rest days, of course) and I took control of my health.

What does your typical workout session look like?

I split my workouts up into major muscle groups. I do triceps-chest day, biceps-back day, and leg-shoulders day and I rotate them out and try to take one rest day a week. On most days, I start with 10-20 minutes of cardio and then lift free weights, use cables, or machines for the major muscle groups of the day. At the end I stretch for at least 5-10 minutes and do a 10-minute ab session which would typically consist of bosu ball crunches, leg lifts, planks, Russian twists, etc.

What inspires you to workout?

I have a lot of motivation within me, but on days where I need inspiration I read fitness and health blogs. One of my favorites is the National Academy of Sports Medicine blog because it has tons of information ranging from recipes to explosive workouts. Also, I follow some super positive fitness accounts on Instagram that I love looking at. Some of my favorites are @alexajeanfitness, @emilyskyefit, and @jenhewardfit.

What is your biggest tip for those looking to implement healthy living choices into their lifestyles?  

My best advice is make it a habit. So many people view the gym as just a task or something they “should” do every once in awhile. Living with that mentality doesn’t push someone to really make a major change in their life. To me, fitness is a lifestyle. It’s something that people should dedicate time and energy into all day long.

What is your biggest fitness achievement?

I can’t say I have one specific achievement, rather I feel accomplished in a variety of fitness dimensions. Variety is key. My main goal is to be as good at as many things as possible. For instance, I lift at least 5 days a week, but I also keep my mile time in check, do cross fit when I go home, and do HIIT workouts when I want an extra kick. By doing such a variety of workouts, I feel confident in all of my fitness abilities.

What role has Instagram played in your fitness routine?

Instagram has actually motivated me to increase variety in my workouts. Since I like to post some of my workouts, it makes me try different things so that I’m not posting the same things over and over. Instagram has given me the opportunity not only to document my own fitness endeavors, but to also help countless other people follow their dreams. I’m thankful to be able to inspire people by doing something I love.