The Off-Campus Housing Hunt Explained in New Girl gifs



It feels like just yesterday we were all hurrying back to The Burg to get this school year started, but already the time has come to go to the off campus housing fair and make a game plan for next year!


Here’s how the overall experience goes:

You’ve been back at JMU for a month and people are already talking about living plans for next year



Then you start asking around and everyone already seems to have set plans


But eventually, with enough investigation, you find the perfect group of people to live with



So you start to go on apartment tours and figure out where you want to live



You’ll visit some places that definitely aren’t for you



And places that are way too fancy for you



But eventually, you’ll get down to 2 or 3 places you love and will have to choose between them



But you will make your decision and feel SO accomplished



And then FaceTime your parents for 2 hours while you try to understand what the lease is saying



But at the end of the day you’ll have an amazing apartment with some of your best friends and can spend the next 7 months of the school year excited for the new adventures next year will bring!