Reaching Your Highest Potential, Back to School Style!

Everyone knows that starting a new chapter is no easy feat, and starting college, or rather going back to college, doesn’t fall short of this universal rule. Now more than ever, our world has become more self-aware and in tune to subjects that used to feel so taboo. It’s time to be honest about our mental health, our self-love, and our ambitions. In order to create a smooth transition to your education while still having a life, there are many words of affirmation, and actions that speak louder, that can possibly ease your mind.

1. Practice Self Care

It’s hammered into our heads relentlessly in all of the magazines and social media, but it’s so true. Doing little things that spruce up your appearance or bring you happiness can really lift up your mood. It could make a difference to your life when you make it part of your routine. Little things like getting your nails done, getting those eyebrows threaded, or treating yourself to some makeup palette you really want (but hey, not too much retail therapy) can make you feel more confident and polished.

2. Let Go of the Toxicity in Your Life

Part of starting college is having a blank state, like Natasha Bedingfield would say, “the rest is still unwritten.” That doesn’t mean you have to cut off half of your friends back home because of middle school grudges, but acknowledge how you want to be treated and the people you want to surround yourself with. Acknowledging your own bad habits is the first step in making a change. Once you reflect on the past, you start to see how you envision your future. What type of woman do you see yourself being at the end of the school year? What was holding you back in the past?

3. Be Open-minded

Going to a new place, you will meet a myriad of different people. You’ll have countless first impressions. Don’t be the one to judge! There have been a number of times where I’ve made a negative first impression of someone, and they’ve turned out to be the complete opposite of what I thought they would be. Once you judge, you limit yourself from a pool of amazing people, maybe even a best friend.

4. Speak Your Mind

Whether it be asking a question in class, or confiding in a friend, using your ability to voice your concerns and your feelings can feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders. I think that so often in an academic setting, we are constantly worrying about sounding stupid or feeling vulnerable. But when we have these intrusive worries, they often hold us back. Plus, talking with a friend about your mental health builds solidarity. Talking to a school counselor can also allow you to vent and rationalize your feelings.

5. Take Risks

There may be a club that you’re nervous about joining because it’s way out of your comfort zone. Maybe you’re not one to normally take a leadership role in a project. Go out in the city and do a fun activity you normally wouldn’t do. Now is the time to stretch what you thought was possible.

6. You’re going to make mistakes, and that’s okay.

In college, you will mess up countless times. You might not even be sure that you’re in the major you really want or if you’re on the right path. So many people are on the same page. It sounds cliché, but you just have to try your best and listen to your heart. You might discover a passion in college that you never thought you had, and maybe you’ll want to pursue that. Making mistakes in college is inevitable, but it could steer you in the right direction.

Now I may only be a novice in terms of giving college advice, but these are principles that I’ve been trying to keep in mind. It puts my mind at ease knowing that I’m not the only college girl that’s scared of the future. Good luck and work hard!