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My Family Bought a Juicer, Here’s What Happened

Recently my family bought a juicer and I have been playing around with all new recipes! Ever since quarantine, I have been trying my best to make small healthier changes in my lifestyle. I wouldn’t say that I have a poor diet, but I’m not always paying attention to what I eat all the time. I like to keep in mind the saying “everything in moderation”. At my house, I haven’t really been that active in the kitchen besides breakfast and small simple meals here and there. Getting the juicer made me excited to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, and nutrients into my diet along with having more of a presence in the kitchen.

Some of the things that I have juiced are oranges, apples, celery, beets, carrots, pears, parsley, and ginger! Some of the produce intimidated me at first, but once you get in the kitchen and familiarize yourself, you become comfortable with the ingredients pretty fast. Juicing has a lot of great health benefits. It helps digestion, it’s not processed, it’s fresh, gives you more energy, promotes weight loss, and speeds up metabolism! Juicing makes it easier to absorb nutrients since the breaking down of fruits and vegetables has been done by the juicer, so ultimately, it’s less work for your stomach so you absorb the nutrients faster! I also tend to consume way more vegetables than I used to since I am getting them into my system by juicing. I feel really good knowing that there are no preservatives when using a juicer compared to store bought juice meant to stay on store shelves for a while.

Juicing is definitely something that you have to get used to, and it often takes me at least twenty minutes to wash, cut, and prepare the fruits and veggies for the juicer so it can be time consuming. The taste of it can also be off-putting at first, depending on which ingredients you use; I still can’t stomach a glass of juice that is heavily celery based without wincing a little. Even though juicing is a great way to incorporate fresh fruits and veggies into your system, it’s still important to consume them as you would normally. Juicing is a great thing to try if you have digestive issues, want to increase your metabolism, incorporate it along with a workout schedule or just to try something new! I think that juicing and working out will reap the most benefits in maintaining a healthy balance for your body.

I’m learning new juicing recipes every day and haven’t gotten into a consistent routine with it just yet. If you are thinking about trying juicing, just know that not every juice is perfect or going to taste like the processed stuff you may be used to buying! Happy to share something new I have been trying that has made quarantine a bit livelier for me. Linking the juicer, I have below if anyone is interested!


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