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This can be a challenge for everyone. Some days we have little to nothing to do while the next we barely have time to breath. But remember to stay on top of things. It is the most beneficial thing to do when you are stressing about school. Once you fall behind in one class, it will feel as though you are falling behind in all your other classes as well. With this, it is important to stay organized and know what you need to do and when you need to do it. 


One thing that will make going to class a little less stressful is to make friends in that class. Going to a class where there you don’t know anyone will not only make the class seem to be dragging on but also will make it harder for you to get up and go to that class. Make plans with friends to meet before or after that class to review what you are doing. This will ensure you not only stay on top of your game but also make stressful classes a little less stressful.


Not many people have the opportunity to find a mentor to guide them throughout their educational experience. By getting a mentor, you will have a second person to take his/her opinions on certain situation. Having gone through the same experience, this individual will allow you to grow off of what they went through. This in a sense allows for you to have a somewhat started path to where you want to go. Having that second opinion and path starter will make your educational experience flow a lot smoother. 


This is so essential to making your classes less stressful. Communicating with your teachers/professors about topics you are unsure about or something that is holding you back is extremely crucial. Doing so not only allows you to build a relationship with your professor/teacher but also allows you to better figure who he/she is and what they are expected of you. If your professor/teacher is holding office hours or after-school hours, attending those will not only allow you to ask questions but also shows your teacher/professor that you care and you want to improve. 


School is about education and learning; however, it is also about getting involved and make friends. Getting involved in clubs allow you to become a part of your school’s community and gives you another source of making friends. In addition, it allows you to take a break from continuous schoolwork. Getting involved can be a great source of also getting help as you are introduced to people with a much more varying views and perspectives.  

Marlin Yacoub

Jefferson '23

I am a sophomore at Thomas Jefferson University majoring in pre-medical studies.
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