The best way to take care of yourself on-campus: According to Students!

It can be expected life on-campus is a large adjustment from life at home. This change in environment can throw off your sense of self in the way that you’re this new person in the eyes of your community and yourself. As routines begin to form and between school and your social life you may forget to take care of yourself in a way that you’re most comfortable and used to. Additionally, these ways of self-care can be disrupted not only by the loss of self-focus but also by environmental barriers such as communal bathrooms/showers, outdoor accommodations, and access to materials. I stress the importance of self-care because oftentimes it can help one be more productive in the academic setting. I asked 3 people from 3 different campuses, Thomas Jefferson, Penn State, and the University of Virginia, about what they personally are able to do on campus that helps them reset mentally or physically for each new week.


Here are three students just like you and what they have to say:


Olivia L.

“Many people don’t feel like they need to spend time on [self-care] but it’s really important to help yourself because it’s not helpful to you if you keep burning through project after project, week after week. It’s not helpful to you mentally because it can affect you so much academically.”

-takes breaks (in the form of going on social media and TV/movies)

-showering right before bed


-listening to music

-getting out of the dorm


Lara S.

-going on walks

-extensive shower routine (shaving, plucking eyebrows, exfoliates, face mask)

-paints nail or gets them done


Elena M.

“[Self-care] gives me structure and routine and allows me to decompress after the previous week.”

-set aside time to do chore around the dorm (laundry, dishes, vacuum)

-organize planner for the coming week


The majority of the responses I found reflected the idea that refreshing and grooming your body physically aids mentally because it puts you in a state of calm and relaxation. Additionally, making sure you find time for yourself outside of study groups and social interactions can help refocus your mind onto what you truly value and want to achieve for the next week. Remember to take care of yourself in the way you’re most comfortable and if you’re feeling adventurous feel free to try something that works for someone else! You never know, it could be your new favorite way to relax and reset!