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Where To Find Internships And How To Nail The Interview

It’s that time again for all of us to look for jobs or internships for the summer unless you are lucky enough to get to study abroad for summer in an exotic location. If you are a freshman, you might be wanting to find your first job or wanting to gain some pre-internship experience with a part time job in your field. Either way, you are wanting to make some serious cash this summer in order to go on a trip, join extracurricular activities, save up for a car, or to prevent yourself from being broke when you come back to school in the fall.

Those undergraduates that are sophomores and up are wanting to gain as many internships or experience as they can so that they can get a great job right out of college. The key to get these internships is by starting early. Some summer internships open for applicants as early as September so it is never too early to start applying.

Places to Look:


Company Website:

If you have a particular company that you want to intern at, the website might offer a section for careers that you can apply at. Even if you do not feel that you have any experience in a particular internship, still apply to it because it shows the company that you are interested in it. It does not hurt to apply to every internship that the company has that you feel that you could do. Companies are more than likely to reach out to you when you do this because it shows that you are invested in working there.


Job/Internship Fairs:

These might sound boring to hear about but they do definitely help get internships or at least interviews. Some companies only offer internships through traditional means of communication such as face to face so definitely bring a ton of resumes to these because it is easy to get your name out. It is not uncommon to hear from the employers that are at these fairs first over other employers because it was easier to remember you. Job Fairs offer so many places of possible employment, plus there are stations that will give you a free professional LinkedIn picture that will set you apart from others. Sometimes these fairs offer workshops that offer guidance in the internship and job market that are very helpful especially for college students. One of the best aspects of these fairs is the free swag because it is free and every college student loves that. Many employers offer free notepads, pens, food, water bottles, pop can cozies, bag clips, and other fun items.


IUP Career Connect:

IUP has a portal that students can use to access future internships and jobs so this is definitely an excellent location to apply to jobs at.



Internship Websites:

Internships.com is a popular place to apply to internships at. Job seekers can look at different cities and different job fields to find the one that suits them. There are options for nonpaid, paid, virtual, in person, and other options that the website provides.


Interview Tips:

Have a firm handshake.


Dress in conservative clothes: I recommend black, grey or striped dress pants with a color appropriate top and a blazer.

Basic Makeup: No dramatic eyes or bold colors for the interview, a clean look is the most desired.

Classic Jewelry: Pearls or a classic statement necklace would work fine. Depending on the company,  the jewelry can be jazzed up a little more.

Research!: Research the company that you are interviewing with, tell them why you want to work for them.

Eat Food: Nothing is worse than a grumbly stomach during an interview, make sure to eat something like a granola bar before it.

Comfortable Shoes: Wear something that you will not trip in or have major blisters from walking in. Some interviews will be longer than an hour so dress appropriately.

Be Early!: 15 minutes prior to the interview is the preferred wait time for an interview so follow this standard.


Break a leg on your future interviews or internships!



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