Tips for Effective Studying

Everyone has their own way of studying. Some students can study alone and some students have to study with a partner. Regardless, every student has the time in the semester where the motivation to study can get rocky. Even when you do find the motivation to study, you don’t retain a lot of what you are going over.  Here are a few tips to study more effectively!

1. Turn off your cell phone

It’s a hard thing to do. Our cellphones have become so normal to us that we don’t like to leave the room without them. When we leave our cellphones on, we leave one of our biggest distractions sitting right beside us. Turn it off for just ten minutes and really focus on what you are studying. You will thank yourself during the exam.

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2. Find a new study place

I find myself doing this every so often. Studying in the same room every day can become normal to you. You will find yourself watching videos and talking to friends instead of studying. Find a room or a spot that is specifically just for studying. When you find a new place to look over things you will want to be there more often and find yourself doing a lot more school work.

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3. Study on a full stomach

I always use the excuse that I’m hungry to stop studying. I go get food, tell myself I’m going to study after, and just watch Netflix all night. Do yourself a favor and eat before you study or even pack snacks. It will help you focus more.

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4. Have a set schedule

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Try to have a certain time everyday when you can study. This will help you into a routine and almost force you to have the need to study at that certain time every day.


Trying to motivate yourself to study can be difficult at times. But finding a different way to approach the tedious task may be able to help you stay focused and do better on upcoming exams, especially if your midterm grades what you were hoping they would be. Happy studying!