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Sadness, loneliness, and darkness it’s all in my head 

How can I function if all I want to do is lay in bed? 

Ignoring the calls, the texts, isolating myself, 

I just want to be by myself.  

Loss of appetite, messy room, poor hygiene, 

I don’t know why I am like this; I usually am clean.  

Waking up, still feeling like you got zero hours of sleep,  

My mind is just too far deep.  

The trauma I have faced, and past relationships that I have been in,  

Why can I not just ever win?  

I start to feel like I am happy again, 

Is it all in my brain? 

Going to work just to keep my mind off of things, 

But guess what that brings? 

More profound, dark thoughts, again they form, 

Is this depression part of the norm? 

Hi my name is Emily! I am a sophomore at IUP this year studying early childhood and special education. I love coffee, Target runs, and watching Grey's Anatomy!
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