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Since quarantine happened, everything has been a little weird. From going back to in-person classes, to making friends and trying not to have a panic attack from just being around other humans. I feel like we all got so used to seeing each other through screens that being in-person no longer feels like the norm. Here are a few tips to help you feel a little less anxiety when being social again.

Realize that everyone is in the same boat

As the Wildcats would say, we’re all in this together. Everyone is feeling uneasy and a bit strange when it comes to being back to the way it used to be – or at least back to something similar. Try to remind yourself that you aren’t alone in this and that your social skills will slowly but surely go back to how they were/improve.

Take a breath

This one is pretty self explanatory. Whenever you are feeling socially anxious, take a few breaths and remind yourself that everything will be okay. Overreacting and thinking negative thoughts will only make things worse. Think positive and control your breathing to get through those tough situations.

Stay away from large gatherings

I learned this the hard way. Jumping right back into going to large social gatherings may not be the best idea, especially if you get overstimulated easily. I assumed that I would be able to handle the number of people because I had done it in the past, but that wasn’t the case. Just because you’ve been okay in the same social situation before, doesn’t mean you’re capable of handling it after not experiencing it for so long. Give yourself some time to get used to being around groups again. Start small.

Give yourself a pep talk

Before class, a meeting, or anything that involves being social, talk to yourself a bit. Warm-up your voice, practice making small talk, and starting a conversation. Believe me, this has helped me many times in the past when it comes to anxiety. Plan out how you want the conversation, presentation, or interaction to go and it’ll go that much smoother.

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