Products to Get You Through Finals and the Holidays HC Style

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

The week before finals sucks. Finals week sucks. Basically, we’re at the point of the semester where basically everything is miserable and everyone is barely hanging on. We’re also at the point where any distraction is a welcomed distraction.

If you’re looking for a distraction or to splurge on yourself (because you deserve it), you’ve come to the right place! HC IUP has come across some treats that will (maybe) make you forgot how dreadful these two weeks are.


1. BUXOM Cosmetics Va-Va-Plump™ Shiny Liquid Lipstick

Red is the color of the season. It’s everywhere, so why not get in the holiday mood with a red lip too? Va-Va-Plump™ Shiny Liquid Lipstick takes lip color to a whole new level of sexy with lasting, bold, bombshell color, and the tingling lip-plumping action that Buxom is famous for. Maybe the bold red lip isn’t your thing and that’s totally okay! Buxom has 20 intensely pigmented shades with vibrant lasting wear that will fit whatever mood you’re in this season.


2. Krazy Glue

While this time of year is rough for students, it can also be rough for others in your community for a variety of reasons. Tis the season to give and we recommend grabbing some Krazy Glue and doing just that! Whether you decide to make cards for veterans or children who will spend their holidays in hospitals, Krazy Glue is there to ensure that everything stays together the way you want it to by bonding to wood, metal, plastics, glass, vinyl, and ceramics!


3. Alba Botanica® Acnedote™ pimple patches

Finals = stress. Stress = breakouts. Alba Botanica® = a lifesaver. Their Acnedote™ pimple patches draw fluids and oils out and away from the skin to help reduce inflammation while the tight seal keeps skin moist to encourage faster healing and reduce risk of scarring. And they are 100% vegetarian. You can even wear these incredible patches while you sleep! With everything else you have to worry about, breakouts should not be one of them.


4. DivaCup® Model 1

It happens at least once during your life. Your period either comes right before finals or right before the holidays. Periods during finals are absolute torture because you can’t really leave in the middle of an exam. Thankfully, the DivaCup offers up to 12 hours of leak free protection, is easy to use and saves money! With the DivaCup , your period is one last thing you have to think about during finals.


5. VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Removable Wall Fastener


Nothing says the holidays like doing some decorating. VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Wall Fastening Solutions are the perfect way to decorate and organize your walls. Hang your favorite items. Create wall collages. If you’re looking for a short break from studying (which everyone needs at some point), this is how to do it! Spruce up your space without hammers and nails, so that you can feel some joy during finals. These strips are easy to use, easy to remove, and offer a modern design.



Sometimes you just need to explore different perfumes and the holidays are a great time to do that (everything is on sale, it’s okay if you shop for yourself)! XOXO Luv For Women By XOXO Eau de Parfum is a fresh, effervescent and feminine scent that is radiant and uplifting. It’s also perfect for today’s hopeless romantics!

We think these products are great here at HC IUP and we think you will too! Whether you use them for yourself to destress during finals or slide them in as the perfect stocking stuffers, we’re sure you’ll find something you love!


All photos by Katherine Marodi.