Keeping Your "Being Healthy" New Year's Resolution


January is here and that means one thing: New Year Resolutions. Many people aim to focus their resolutions on health, wellness, getting fit, eating better, and staying in shape. First, I want to address the following:

Congratulations!  Having the mindset to change your body and be healthier is a beautiful thing; telling yourself that you want to improve yourself is just the first step in a life changing process. Not only will working out and eating healthier change your physical appearance, but it will also change your mental abilities as well: an increase in your mood, better focus, and more energy. We all know the phrase that “it’s easier said than done” and that applies to a lot of people in regards to creating a healthy lifestyle. Here are some fabulous ways to start your resolution off right, say motivated, and make your 2015 new year a healthy one!

1.  Get your friends involved: Some people lack motivation when they are alone, so grab a couple of friends and try the latest Zumba class or cardio workout at your local gym. A lot of college gyms also offer fitness classes, so look at your local listings to see if any look interesting.

2.  Be environmentally friendly: Biking to class, walking to class, taking the stairs instead of the elevator— all of these little, extra routes aren’t only benefitting the environment, but your body as well.

3.  Sign up for events: 3k’s, 5ks, Mud Runs, and even Color Runs have been becoming increasingly popular throughout the years. Find some in your area and sign up with a few friends.

4.  Get involved in your community: Volunteering is just as good for your body as it is for your soul. Walking dogs at a local animal shelter and planting in the community garden are two great ways to get your body moving while helping others.

5.  Reward yourself: By rewarding yourself extrinsically after a great workout, your brain will soon associate those feel good hormones with the work out itself. Buy yourself something, whether it’s a new pair of earrings, a cup of coffee, or a good book. Eventually you’ll enjoy the work out without a reward at the end.

6.  Sleep in your gym clothes: Waking up with your gym clothes on, or even right next to you with your keys and gym shoes ready to go is an easy way for a no-hassle morning workout.

7.  Make a mix: Make a mix of your favorite songs to listen to when you work out, or use Pandora or Spotify to find a workout radio station that will keep your going.

8.  Make a contract with your friends: It’s easy to skip out of the gym or your pilates class when you wake up early, but studies have shown that women are less likely to skip a session when they have to tell their friends. Make a contract with your girls! Agreeing to pay each of the girls 20 dollars if you skip the gym twice a week or buying the girls drinks one night are two potential ideas. Money is a huge incentive, so you might rethink that excuse for not going!

9.  Set the bar REALLY low: By telling yourself that you’re only going to run half of a mile or go the gym for fifteen minutes, you’ll reach your goal and be able to say, “Hey, I can go a little further than this.” Setting low goals can help motivate you to do better.