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I Tried Period Panties: Here Are My Thoughts

Recently, Victoria’s Secret released a line of “period panties” that are made to replace other period products or serve as extra protection during your period. I had been looking at other brands that sell similar products because I absolutely HATE using pads and tampons after getting used to my Divacup. So, after learning about yet another alternative to the typical feminine products, I purchased a few pairs to try out.

They’re pretty comfy

When I purchased the “panties” there was a 3 for $30 deal which included a shortie pair, a thong, and a bikini. They only offered them in black, which I was fine with because they are literally only for bleeding in. Anyway, I found them all to be pretty comfortable. They weren’t too bulky or too thin to where I thought I would bleed through them. The pairs I purchased are made of a nylon fabric but they recently released pairs that are made of cotton. I find the nylon to be comfortable and breathable, but I would love to try out the cotton.

The absorbent pad part of the underwear doesn’t show through clothing and I didn’t have to worry about it shifting or bunching up during the day. Overall, I favored the fit of the shortie pair (they fit like men’s boxer briefs) and I ended up recently buying another pair in maroon.

They serve their purpose

I never have to worry about bleeding through when wearing any of the pairs I purchased. I normally wear the shorties to bed because they have the most coverage and can hold up to 3 regular tampons worth of blood (21 ml). But despite having only a small area of coverage with the thong that holds 1/2 regular tampon (3.5 ml), it still does a great job at absorbing and giving me peace of mind during the day. The bikini panty holds up to 2 regular tampons (14 ml) and I switch between night and day wear with that one. Did I mention they have three layers of protection and microbial technology to reduce odor-causing bacteria?

They need rinsed and washed asap

Although these panties are pretty low maintenance, there are a couple rules that come along with them. As soon as you take them off you have to rinse them under cold water until they are completely clear of blood. I can understand why this may turn some people off to the idea of period underwear, but getting up close and personal with your period comes right along with this product. They need machine washed on cold, but you’re able to throw them in with your usual load.

They help reduce the use of other period products

Anything that helps reduce the waste of period products is automatically something I want to try. In the past, I was a bit skeptical about how sanitary these panties would be, but after using them for the past few months it isn’t a concern. The amount of time you wear them for ultimately depends on how heavy your flow is, but it is recommended that you not wear the panties for more than 12 hours before changing them. Because I now have four pairs of “period panties” (and a diva cup I use regularly), I have drastically cut back on my use of pads and tampons. Using reusable period products was never a concern for me until I realized just how much waste comes from single-use products. If everyone had at least one reusable period product, it could really make a difference in cutting back on that waste.

Overall, I have only had good experiences so far with this product. I am considering looking into other brands that make period underwear to compare them to the experience I’ve had with Victoria’s Secret’s panties. I recommend that anyone who is tired of using tampons and pads to look for alternatives like period panties or cups. It is so much better for the environment and a lot cheaper in the long run.

If you’d like to learn more about my experience while using the Divacup, check out my article: https://www.hercampus.com/school/iup/how-divacup-changed-my-period/

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