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If you are lucky enough to find yourself with loads of free time after class, here are a few ways you can spend that time while still being productive.

Join a club

Joining a club can fill your days and can help you make some friends on campus. Make sure you join a club that interests you and that you’ll put effort into, not just one that will look good on your resume.

Practice self care

Giving yourself time to relax and care for your body is crucial during college. It can be easy to get caught up in classes and exams and forget that you need time for yourself. Take a bath, light a candle, and listen to your favorite playlist. Make sure that you stay a priority when thinking about what to do with your free time.

Go to the gym

Going to the gym can help you cut down your free time while filling it with something healthy and beneficial. Create a schedule or go when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Spending some time to keep your body healthy is important and you really can’t go wrong.

Learn a new skill

Spend time learning a new recipe or finding a new hobby that interests you. With all your free time, why not use it on something that will benefit you in the future. Start a small business or learn how to play an instrument. There are so many things to learn and you have the time to do it!

School work

Getting ahead on future assignments can also be a way to use your free time. Doing assignments early can prevent stress in the future and give you more time to do things you love. Try spending a few hours during the week getting extra work done and you’ll have much more time during the weekend to relax and have fun.

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