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Spring Break Boot Camp: Smoothie Edition

Although we’ve been counting down since the beginning of – well – the first snowfall, spring break is finally almost here. It’s officially crunch time. February means squeezing in workouts between study sessions, scheduling tanning appointments around group meetings and online spring shopping during lecture (oops). In preparation of a cruise with your significant other, a roadtrip with your favorite Collegiettes or a spa stay-cation, all this extra stress can take a toll on our health. While you may feel pressured to be tone and tan for spring break, it’s important to always put your health first. The following infographics serve two fabulous purposes: 1. Providing Collegiettes with easy recipes that will nourish their bodies before their big trip, and 2. Offering solid Pinterest material. Blend and pin away, Hoosiers!

There’s a Smoothie for That: Here’s a crash course in healthy smoothie-making that varies in what kind of pick-me-up you need.

Go Green or Go Home: For the green machines that like their smoothies to look just as healthy as they actually are.

Less is More: For when your grocery supply is lackin’.

An Illustrated How-To: For those weary on textures, the DIY-ers and the clueless blender virgins.

Kelsey is a junior at Indiana University where she is majoring in journalism and concentrating in informatics. She began her Her Campus experience as a contributing writer in Fall 2012. Kelsey was incredibly excited to begin her new role on the HCIU team as co-campus correspondent last fall. When she's not studying or writing, Kelsey enjoys a sipping a strong cup o' joe, reviving thrift store wardrobes and drooling over Netflix eye candy.
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