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Her Campus IU has sifted through Twitter to find the best [documented] #Little500 moments of 2015 so far. We'll update this post after the...

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Joey Caputo ’16

THE BASICS Name & Nicname: Joey Caputo, Capoots. I got it in grade school and it kind of just stuck. Major(s): Sports marketing &...

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Math: My Worst Enemy

Everyday, I sit in my statistics class and find myself completely lost. My professor speaks; I listen; yet I ultimately remain confused...

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Spring Break Survival Kits

We're putting down our books, saying goodbye to the library and heading out for some much deserved R&R. Her Campus put together all the...

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Spring Break Giveaway

The HCIU team was so excited to snag some fabulous freebies before we head out of B-Town for spring break. We wanted to share the love and...