• Loving Vincent Review

    Over 100 artists are fluent in Vincent van Gogh’s painting style painted each frame of the movie, so the entire time you’re watching, you feel like you’re inside of one of the famous artist’s paintings.

  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    Nintendo announced last week that they will release "Animal Crossing" game, this time for your smartphone. It will be released in late...

  • Can Sexism in Hollywood Ever End?

    It’s hard to imagine that anyone, especially men, would be surprised by the allegations of sexual assault and harassment that have been...

  • Winter Tips for Nappy Headed Gods/Goddesses

    It is about that deadly time of year. You moisturize your hair every single morning, yet you get back to your room feeling as if your hair has done you wrong. The dry cold sucks moisture out of every fabulously curly strand of your beautiful hair. You’ve got to do something, but what could it be? Here are five tips on keeping your hair happy and nappy during the winter time.

  • Love to Write? Love Challenges? NaNoWriMo is Coming to Town!

    Do you have an almost masochistic love for writing? Have you always wanted to write a novel? Are you looking for that push to begin becoming that awesome author you’ve always wanted to be? Are you already an awesome author trying to sharpen their skills in writing? If you’ve said yes to any of these questions, NaNoWriMo might be just what you need.

  • Review of Pink's New Album

    The 13 piano ballad, pop and EDM infused songs that comprise this album not only pay tribute to this message, but the personal and political planes are woven together so that it isn’t as easy to identify whether the tracks are either being very personal or if they're more of a statement piece.

  • You Need to Watch Stranger Things 2

    If you were worried that the story would be boring and too similar to season one, you can relax. The show’s creators found a unique way to incorporate the Upside Down and all of its horrors into the program. Things are even weirder and more dangerous this season.

  • Turtles All the Way Down Review

    This October, John Green released his first book since The Fault in Our Stars was published in 2012. As soon as I could, I preordered...

  • Honoring Tom Petty

    Shock waves were felt by both young and old, when news spread that singer-songwriter Tom Petty had passed away. Luckily, his legacy and...

  • Quick Halloween Costumes

    Halloween is coming up quick! Here are seven easy Halloween costume ideas that will leave your friends jealous! The dancing girls emoji A...

  • Zoos Are Actually Pretty Terrible

    Going to the zoo and seeing a bunch of different animals is a lot of fun until you think about how the animals must feel. Sometimes,...

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