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3 Reasons Why You Should Join Her Campus

While people may see Her Campus as just an online magazine platform for college-aged women, it is so much more than that! Now, I am going to tell you three reasons why you should join your local chapter to see what it’s all about!



Her Campus Connects You With Others in Your Local Community

Whether you are a freshman or a senior in college, there is never a wrong time to meet new people! Her Campus provides you with the opportunity to connect with other students, whether they have similar or different interests from you. In meetings, you not only brainstorm content for the following week, but you also get to know each other on a personal level and foster new friendships! 



Her Campus Allows You to Explore Your Passion for Writing

Her Campus allows students to write about whatever topics they are interested in! Whether it is serious or just for fun, students are able to think creatively and add their personality to the articles that they write too. Lastly, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to write an article for Her Campus. Though there are different article styles to choose from, you are in charge of your piece! 



Her Campus Allows you to Network with Others and Seek Professional Advice

Her Campus is not only a local chapter at your college where you write articles and bond with other students. Her Campus also has recently created another platform associated with it called “Generation Hired”, which is a new hiring platform that allows students to apply for various creative internships, and learn from professionals from Her Campus Media headquarters through weekly career advice calls.

Her Campus not only provides students with the ability to practice their writing skills. It allows students to foster new relationships, connect with others, and grow as young professionals that will be entering the workforce. 

Amanda Nadel is currently a sophomore at Ithaca College majoring in Communication Management and Design, and minoring in Integrated Marketing Communications. She enjoys traveling, writing, and hiking.
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