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3 Interesting Halloween Facts That You May Not Know

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ithaca chapter.

When you think about Halloween, there are a few things that immediately come to mind: costumes, spooky decorations, and candy! While you may think that that is all there is to Halloween, there are actually many facts about the origin of the celebration itself that may surprise you! In fact, Halloween goes back many centuries and has evolved in various ways.

Here are 3 interesting Halloween facts that will provide you with background information about this spooky celebration:

People Originally Wore Costumes to Protect Themselves from the Spirits 

In some cultures throughout the world, many believed that the spirit world was very close to the world of the living during Halloween. This idea scared many individuals, as they believed that evil spirits surrounded them. Therefore, to hide from the spirits, people decided to wear costumes to disguise and protect themselves from harm. This idea has evolved as millions of people now dress in elaborate costumes. However, the concept of wearing costumes was originally meant to protect people from evil. 

People Did Not Always Get Candy on This Celebration

While going from one house to the next has been part of Halloween for a long time, people didn’t always receive candy. Sometimes they’d receive items, such as coins, toys, and nuts. Over time, the trend of trick-or-treating became more popular as candy companies jumped on the bandwagon by selling small, wrapped candies. When parents began to worry about unwrapped goods being handed to children, candy became the most convenient item to hand out at this celebration. 


There Is Symbolism Behind the Black and Orange Colors Seen Throughout the Celebration

The colors of black and orange did not just randomly appear. Black symbolized death and the darkness of the night itself, therefore implying the spookiness of the holiday. Additionally, black symbolizes the shadows of the spirits that come on this holiday. In contrast, the color orange represents the harvest season and the tradition of lantern-carvings. Also, the color comes from fire, which was formerly used during rituals to turn the evil spirits away. 

Overall, Halloween is a spooky celebration that has interesting origins that have evolved over time. While the celebration has changed, many people continue to celebrate this holiday whether they are dressing up in costume or handing out candy. 

Amanda Nadel is currently a sophomore at Ithaca College majoring in Communication Management and Design, and minoring in Integrated Marketing Communications. She enjoys traveling, writing, and hiking.