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It has been a rough year, and needless to say, everyone is ready for a change. One way I mix up my everyday life is by making playlists and recently, I have really been loving my positivity playlist. Check out these essentials from my playlist to help lift your energy and help you enter this upcoming spring with a fresh start!

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Body by Meghan Thee Stallion

Body is easily one of the most upbeat, body positive songs to be released recently. Meghan has a sort of empowerment that is becoming very popular in the media. If you are looking for a song (or artist) to build self confidence, look no further. With her incredibly music talent and undeniable style, Meghan is certainly not going anywhere. 

Ain’t It Fun by Paramore

This is definitely a song you forgot about, but its message still rings true. It celebrates fun and adulthood with a lively beat. This is a song that is certain to boost any mood and liven any activity. Ain’t It Fun is the throwback every happy playlist needs!

Take It Easy by Surfaces

This is a song that reminds you to do exactly what the title says, take it easy. Sometimes, it is honestly a great reminder that you need to live simply and be kind to yourself. If you love a chill, easy going song, this is the one for you. With lyrics like “find yourself right at home,” and “leave your worries at the door,” its hard not to bop along to the cheerful tune. 

Blinding Lights by the Weeknd

After the Super Bowl, the Weeknd’s buzz increased drastically. This is one of those feel good songs that forces you to stand up and dance along. The Weeknd has a unique sound and he is finally beginning to get some more recognition. Add Blinding Lights to your playlist if you need some sexy, feel good bops in your daily life.

Superbloom by the Misterwives

Superbloom is one of those songs that reassures you that you are more than enough. With the chorus starting “I deserve congratulations,” it certainly has an upbeat positive message that everyone could use once in a while. Everyone needs to hear praise, and this song fills that need. 

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All in all, music is a way to express yourself. Finding songs that make you feel good and reflect positivity is a great way to bring more optimism into your life. Making a new playlist and mixing up your everyday routine is a great first step. 

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