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Steps to Prepare For Spring

As winter comes to a close, I’m looking forward to spring and all of the colors that bloom along with the season. The anticipation of golden sunshine on my face, emerald green grass and the blossoming of vibrant spring tulips are what get me excited for a fresh, new season brimming with new life.

If you’re waiting for the warm weather as impatiently as I am, you’re probably already starting to plan your outfits, decor and more. So here are a few steps you can take to transition quickly into this spring season. 

Molly Peach-Red Head Flower Fields Molly Peach / Her Campus

 1. Do Some Spring Cleaning

Get out your glass cleaner, vacuum and mop; it’s time for spring cleaning! With the longer, brighter days, it’s time to give your living space a clean, fresh start. The one thing I look forward to most is deep cleaning my apartment after a long, dark and cold winter. Use a Saturday morning to clear your mind by tuning in to your favorite playlist and getting to work on cleaning and organizing your living space! Do the dishes, mop the floors, dust the shelves and experience peace of mind in what may feel like a brand new house, apartment or dorm!

a living room heavy in white, pink and green colors. Reid Rolls

2. Buy Flowers For Your Centerpiece

Fresh flowers on a freshly set table- what more could you ask for? A fresh bouquet can bring life to any old dining room space. I love nothing more than coming home to a bright vase of flowers flourishing on my table. One arrangement that I absolutely love is made up of gerbera daisies, baby's breath and plenty of green accents. These vibrant, floral colors radiate joy and can make any room smell like heaven on earth. Head over to Harvest Market to handpick your own centerpiece bouquet or grab a pre-made one on your next trip to Walmart!

flower vase bouquet Leonardo Wong on Unsplash

3. Treat Yourself To Something New

If you’ve walked into Target lately, you’ve seen the hangers full of spring outfits and airy dresses. Floral patterns and pastels are blooming on the fabrics like the flowers in the field. This year’s winter fashion is melting and spring fashion is storming in like April’s showers. Vibrant colors matching the tulip flowers are what every woman is looking to pick up from the racks of the store.  Coming into spring, not only does your place need a fresh, new look, but so do you! Go to your favorite retailer with your closest friends and have a fashion show in the dressing room. There's never a better time to grab yourself a trendy, new outfit and spring into the new season!

A picture of clothes on racks at a clothing store Prudence Earl

Goodbye winter, hello spring!