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Spring Cleaning for the Soul: 3 Ways to Amplify Your Spirit

It’s getting to be that time of year when the work is piling up and the semester’s accumulated procrastination is taking its ugly toll. Luckily, the weather is finally starting to warm up, but for some of us that’s not quite enough to boost our energy and lift our spirits! Here are three easy ways to feel rejuvenated in order to kill it for the rest of the semester.


This is the most convenient of the three, as you can do it any time, any place. All you need is yourself, and some mental focus. The benefits of meditation are seemingly endless: decreased stress, decreased anxiety, increased happiness and improved memory, just to name a few! There are many different ways to approach meditation, but it all has the same purpose of turning off the mental chatter and focusing solely on the present moment. If you’re new to meditation, the phone app, Headspace, is great for beginners. It’s basically a series of ten minute guided meditation recordings. Simply find a quiet spot where you can sit comfortably, pop in some headphones, close your eyes and listen! The first ten days are free, and if you commit to this mere ten minutes a day you will already feel more clear headed!

DIY Face Masks

Along with the many wonderful side effects of stress, another fun one is the breakouts. And what better way to relax and also clear your skin than with some easy-to-make face masks? This one is fun to do with some friends to collectively de-stress and catch up at the same time. The most simple face mask that’s effective in fighting acne is just one ingredient: honey! Honey has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties to combat acne causing bacteria, and also serves as an exfoliant. A little goes a long way with this mask. Take about a teaspoon and spread it evenly across your face. Leave it on anywhere from a half an hour to an hour and your skin will feel smooth, moisturized and be free from future breakouts!

Create a Vision Board

A vision board is a space for you to creatively lay out the images of how you want your life to look one day. This could include pictures of the goals you want to achieve, like the grad school you want to get into, the toned body you want or the company you hope to work for one day. They are a lot of fun to make — doing arts and crafts is a de-stressor on its own — and they really do work! There are so many fun and inspiring vision board success stories to read online, and although it might sound like an odd idea, they are actually a frequently used tool by many successful people. (Oh hey, Ashley Tisdale!) While there are apps to create vision boards, they’re known to be most effective by creating an actual, physical board and placing it somewhere where you will see it everyday. Making a vision board is a great way to improve your mood because nothing feels better than visualizing yourself having everything you want one day. So grab some girlfriends, head over to Michael’s and start making those dreams come true!

Doing even just one of these things is bound to instantly energize you! But if all else fails… Crank up the new Ariana Grande album and have a solo dance party, because you know you want to.

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