Learn to love you, for YOU


We live in a society where complaining about what you hate about yourself is the norm. I can’t even count the amount of times I point out something I don’t like about myself in a day.  Whether it is internally or externally, as girls we are always looking for flaws in ourselves. It is unusual to see a girl walk up to a mirror and say she loves herself, and if she did probably every other girl in the room would look down on her as a self-absorbed you know what. When did loving yourself become a bad thing?


Now I know that being able to love every single thing about yourself is near impossible, and while if you did that would be awesome, self-love is so much more than that. Self-love is being able to acknowledge that you and others all have flaws, but you are a beautiful person inside and out regardless of them. A flaw does not define who you are as a woman, you do.


Why is it that any time we are in the Lion bathroom we can’t help but gas up any girl we see, but once we turn and look in the mirror all we see is the bad and none of the good? Self-love starts with you being able to realize that every person in the world, even Beyonce, has insecurities. We are human, and no one is perfect, so stop putting others on pedestals and yourself in the dirt.

I want you to look in the mirror, really look, and point out three things you love about yourself. Those three things are unique to you, no one else in the world has what you have. YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND, embrace it, cherish it, FLAUNT IT!


Every person in the world has their own stories, experiences and skills that make them different from anyone else. What you have to offer the world and others makes you special. Realize that you are someone’s something, you matter to them. You impacted someone’s life and made a difference. Love that about yourself because I am sure they love you for it.


I know it is so easy to get caught up in our idea of perfect and it is okay to look up to others as inspiration, but don’t forget that the most important person in your life is yourself. Take care of who you are and your feelings. If you don’t put yourself first, how do you expect anyone else to?


This article isn’t a step-by-step process to loving yourself because in the end there is no secret formula or checklist to self-love. It is a long, treacherous journey that is different for every person. It starts and ends with you, which is a pretty scary yet powerful thought to have. You have the power to change how you see yourself and to appreciate every unique and beautiful aspect of you. I believe in you girl, now you just have to go and believe in yourself.

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