Inspirational Influencers Share Advice on School, Health and Life

As a frequent Instagram user, I recently set out to follow accounts that would show me pretty pictures while also offering me some useful advice. This way, I can turn my time on social media into a learning opportunity for topics such as health and wellness, fashion and beauty. So, I created this list of accounts that offer real advice that college students can put into practice!

1. Mariana’s Study Corner

Mariana’s Instagram page (@marianastudycorner) and YouTube channel are dedicated to studying and organizational tips, something that not a lot of other college influencers post about. Visit her page to get some academic advice to start your semester off strong! Mariana’s videos range from how to develop effective time management skills to how to adult, not to mention all the beautiful pictures of her planners and journals. Visit her Instagram or YouTube pages for some school motivation to kick off the year!


2. The Confused Millennial

Although she isn’t currently a college student, Rachel Ritlop (@theconfusedmillennial) perfectly captures what it’s like to navigate the world during your 20’s. Since having her daughter a couple months ago, her Instagram is more mom-focused, but she still has a section on her blog devoted to college and talks about everything from podcast recommendations to answering student loan questions. Her advice and experience can help any college girl navigate through the world, and the baby pictures she posts on Instagram are seriously cute! Be sure to check out her Real Talk podcast, where she goes even deeper into the adulting advice.

3. Reese Regan

A Temple University student, Reese keeps an honest and real tone on her Instagram page (@basicallyreese), blog and YouTube channel. As she chronicles her college highs and lows, we can all relate to Reese’s experiences. Her note-taking and study hacks are simple but efficient and can help even the most unorganized college student have a successful year! One of my favorite parts of Reese’s pages is how open she is about struggling with mental illness and the challenges that can bring in college. Check out #projectreeset to follow along with Reese as she takes the journey to find peace in her life.

4. Jordan Younger

Founder of The Balanced Blonde (@thebalancedblonde), Jordan’s wellness tricks are something we can all learn from! Jordan’s health journey is inspirational, as she takes on Lyme Disease and focuses on healing day by day. Her blog offers healthy recipes and fitness tips as well as some of her favorite fashion inspirations and posts about her travels. With her wedding coming up, now is the perfect time to check out the Balanced Blonde page and see all of her super cute posts with her fiancée!