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Easy Self-Care to Incorporate Into Your Day

Self-care is one of those phrases that gets thrown around easily these days. In recent years, it has grown to be a term that is associated with doing face masks and practicing yoga. And while these can be forms of self-care for some, it is much more than that.

To me, self-care is taking a bit of time out of your day to put yourself first. A time to check in with how you’re doing and truly feeling your emotions. Self-care is not always fun and beautiful; it is often the hardest task that I have in a day. Taking time for yourself to do something that might not be productive to your work and school schedule might feel like a waste of time. However, it can be incredibly rewarding.

I encourage you to take some time out of every day to practice a form of self-care. Whether it is only five minutes or a few hours, set aside some time in your day to do something for yourself that will bring you joy and fulfillment. If you’re feeling stumped on what to do for yourself, here are a few simple types to incorporate into your day.

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Physical self-care

This is usually the most thought of form of self-care. However, I find that these practices are also some of the most important to take time for during your day. Letting yourself sleep in. Practicing good hygiene and taking a shower or bath. Making sure you drink enough water. Integrating movement or exercise into your day. These might seem like some of the easiest things one can do, but they often are done without thought. By appreciating what you are doing for yourself and recognizing that you are bettering yourself, you will reap the benefits.

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Emotional self-care

Personally, this is my favorite form of self-care. Being in touch with your emotions is so important, and many people often aren’t in check with that realm of themselves. Every morning, I take 10 to 15 minutes to journal and do a mind dump of everything I’m thinking and feeling. Emotional self-care looks different for everyone, so finding a way to be in touch with this side of yourself is crucial to overall wellbeing.

Social self-care

Getting out and being social is such an important aspect to our lives. That is what I have learned with COVID having such an impact on this part of life. And while this does look different due to the stay-at-home orders and restrictions, it is still important to reach out to friends and have connections with others. If you have a small social bubble, take time to hang out with those people in your life and enjoy the moments you share.

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Intellectual self-care

For college students, this can be a difficult form of self-care to master. Once you figure it out, though, it can be so beneficial for your mind. Practicing forms of intellectual self-care can include reading a book for pleasure, watching a documentary on something you find fascinating, or taking up a new hobby. The most important part to this aspect of self-care is to make sure it is separate from school, and you are learning something for yourself.

Liz Gremer

Illinois '24

Freshman at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studying Speech and Hearing Sciences.
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