Beating the Gym Nerves

At one point or another, we have all experienced some level of discomfort when it comes to going to the gym. Whether it is working out at the ARC, a gym back home, or perhaps even a group class like pilates or yoga, sometimes the nerves kick in and it can be difficult to shake them off. Trust me, I have had all these flooding emotions before due to injuries, insecurities, or anxieties; I get that it can be difficult to enter an area and not really know what to expect. There could be an event going on, a school tour, or the gym is just full at the time you are going. In essence, there are many factors that can create discomfort or may not motivate you to even go. 

Here are some of the tips and tricks I have used throughout the years that have helped me tremendously. I hope they can provide a sense of relief and motivation to you as well! 

Make different playlists for your different moods

I know what you may be thinking: why would I have different playlists that are not geared toward the gym specifically? This is more of a personal preference, but I have different moods when I go to the gym and I want to be able to exert my intended energy into my workouts. If I am feeling in a fun mood, I listen to EDM music; if I want to be more in touch with my roots, I listen to Spanish music (and there are SO many genres to choose from – my Latina gals you all know); or maybe I am feeling stressed or angry, so my preferences change to music with more heavy bass. All in all, having different playlists definitely help keep your motivation going throughout your session! 

Bring a friend 

When I first began lifting and going to the gym consistently, it was because I began my journey with my older cousin. It really felt as if I was not alone and it was fun because we began learning from one another. Some days she would provide the workout and other days I would take lead. Bringing a friend really keeps you motivated and if you have similar goals as each other, you can really keep each other accountable. Plus, it is one more friendly face in the gym.

Make friends at the gym

This one may be way out there, but you could be surprised at how awesome it can be to do so! I met a great friend of mine in the gym; we had similar workouts and I really loved her tattooed sleeve, but I never really knew how to go up to her. One day, we were both in the locker room and I complimented her Nike leggings because I had the exact same ones! From there, we became really good friends and all it took was a compliment. Now, I understand if this tip may not be for you, but just know that a small smile and flattering remark can go a long way. ☺

 Plan your workout prior to heading to the gym

This one is very important when you are first starting off or if you are nervous to go. You do not need to bring a notebook around with you like you may see others doing, you can simply put it on your phone. Also, do not be embarrassed to look up workouts! This tip truly helped me because I really do not like going into the gym and not know what I am doing, it just creates unnecessary stress. Planning out your workouts will really make your time there flow easier and quicker! Also, if you don’t really know how to start working out or lifting, follow IG/YouTube influencers - there are so many! 

Take a pre-workout supplement

This tip may not be for everybody and I have had my times with pre-workout and without it. In my experience, taking pre-workout really gives me that push I need to get my behind into the gym and get to work. For those who do not know, this supplement essentially gives you a boost of energy. If you choose to invest in this supplement, keep in mind that there are so many out there and that they all contain different supplements! Some are meant to give you a pump, others help you hone in on your mind-and-muscle connection, and a lot of them give you a tingly feeling. Just a heads-up, so please read into what you are taking! 

Do something that you love!

No, really. Do workouts that get you motivated and pumped to do more! If running on a treadmill isn’t for you, switch it up with the Stairmaster or cycling. If lifting is not getting you pumped, try something new or put your weight up. Or maybe, you just feel unmotivated altogether - try something you have always wanted, but were too shy to. This could be boxing, a spin class or even yoga. Whatever it is, do something that YOU love. 

Nobody is judging you, I promise

This piece of advice is actually from my mother - she always used to tell me this and it is true! Nobody is paying attention to you or judging you. Just as you are listening to your music getting your workout in, they are too. Just as you are focusing on bettering yourself, they are just as much doing that! And if you feel that if someone is judging you or staring at you weirdly, ignore them and do you, girl! Seriously, you should be proud of yourself for taking this time for yourself to better your health and self. 

I hope these tips help you for when you get those jitters and nervousness creeping in when going to the gym. Go get your workout in girl, and do not let your nerves get the best of you! ☺


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