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5 Steps to Make a Healthy Shamrock Shake

Although aesthetically pleasing, the shamrock shake is not exactly “healthy.” Follow these steps to make a smoothie with the same beautiful green color as the shamrock shake, but made from ingredients that you can actually pronounce.  


Step 1:

Get a clear cup or mason jar so you can admire the smoothie after it is made.

Step 2:

Put any kind of white yogurt or yogurt substitute on the inside walls of the container using a spoon.

Step 3:

Blend together: spinach, banana, frozen mango, frozen pineapple, and coconut water.

Step 4:

Pour the smoothie into the cup and top with your favorite ingredients such as coconut flakes, chia seeds, and more fruit!

Step 5:

Enjoy this beautiful and guilt-free treat!



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