Sick Day Essentials

Fall is in full swing, the temperature is dropping, Thanksgiving break is just around the corner, and it seems like everyone and their roommate is getting sick. I spent the past week fighting an ugly cold by getting a lot of rest, and two seasons of Friends on Netflix. Here are my pro tips on how to get through the worst of the worst during cold season, so you can quickly get back to being your best!


1. Hydration

While you are most likely keeping to the typical “sick diet” of warm chicken noodle soup and Dayquil, make sure you're drinking a ton of water to replenish your body and help clear out that virus faster! 


2. Cozy Up 

Feeling under the weather is the best excuse to snuggle up in bed and binge watch that new show on Netflix you've been dying to see (or if you're like me, binge a 10 season show like Friends). Grab your most comfortable sweatpants, fuzzy socks, and take this time to relax. 

3. Self-Care

Being sick brings out all types of aches and pains that make you not feel super great. It’s important to keep taking care of yourself so you can feel a little better! Take a warm bath, turn on a heating pad, use a facial mask, or relax with a book and some hot tea. 

4. Vitamin C

This is a powerful antioxidant that can prevent you from getting sick. If a sore throat or stuffy nose starts to sneak up on you, drink some orange juice, grab a few clementines, or use supplements as a great way to boost your immune system. 

5. Clean Up (even though you don’t feel like it)

Make sure you use high quality cleaning supplies or antibacterial soap and water to clean your space! Wash your sheets, wipe down door knobs, faucets and remotes to get rid of those nasty germs. 


With holidays quickly approaching, who has time to be sick?  Use these quick tips to get back on your feet in no time.