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Lately, I have been loving life. There have been so many great moments in the past weeks. I am so grateful for what I have, and the people I surrounded myself with. Personally, I try to see the bright side of things, yet I am not happy all the time. As good as things have been, there are a lot of stressors in my life as well. At this point in the school year, most college students tend to fall into the stress that schoolwork and life have to offer. Although I can get stressed, I know many of you may be able to relate. And if you relate, but do not have a ton of things to look forward to, I offer some current obsessions of mine that might make you feel better.

Noah Kahan

My first offering to you is a song-writer that I plan on dedicating an entire article to in the future. Noah Kahan is an American singer-songwriter that has had many breakthroughs with his music. You may recognize him from his well-known song, “Stick Season”, which originally became popular via Tik Tok. Kahan’s music has a folk genre and alternative sound, yet also ranges into the pop genre as well. I listen to his music and feel a sense of nostalgia and passion. His 14-track album titled “Stick Season” is essential to the music I listen to daily. Kahan shows his gratitude for his success and fans daily and I am obsessed!


The second thing I have been loving is candles. I feel like I was never a big candle person until more recently. I didn’t really care for them, nor understood the hype around buying them. But now, I’ve been loving the presence of a new candle to light in my room while I read or do homework. Going to the store and getting yourself a great smelling candle is definitely a form of self-care. It’s such a small thing that can liven up your room and calm you.

Fall Weather

I’ve also been loving the sixty-degree weather that comes with the fall season starting! I know I sound like every girl ever, but I truly do love the season of fall. Not only are there beautiful, changing color leaves, but candles, pumpkins, Halloween and more. The breeze in the air gives me such a nostalgic feeling and reminds me of growing up watching movies, making cookies, and jumping in leaf piles. I have been trying to take advantage of this weather as much as I can before we are embedded in the freezing Chicago winter. Going on walks and sitting on a shaded bench reading my book is something I love doing when the air starts to chill. It’s great for every activity and you don’t have to worry about sweating your butt off. The clothes are just as great as the other characteristics of autumn. Long sleeves, skirts, sweaters, sweatshirts with shorts, boots, and light jackets. All are amazing fall essentials and I am so excited to enjoy layering without both freezing and sweating.

Music Videos

Another thing I have been obsessed with is music videos. I feel we do not watch them enough! I already love music and listening to music as it is, but while I light that candle in my room, I love putting on music videos while I draw. They tell such captivating stories within the three minutes of the song and I find them very entertaining. If you’re bored, I recommend looking up a couple of the music videos to your favorite songs!

Iced Coffee

And last but not least, two words: Iced. Coffee. I developed this obsession within a little over a year now. I was never a coffee drinker and ran solely on sleep, which I still do, but now my iced coffee is both a treat and a necessity in my morning routine. I buy iced coffee from the basic three places: I get Dunkin, Starbucks (I have Starbucks the least often), and McDonalds iced coffee is pretty good as well! When I’m trying to save money, though, I use my Keurig at home to make my iced coffee while I get ready for the day. It’s a great way to start my day!

These are my top 5 current obsessions lately! I hope you feel inspired to take a self care day and check out some of my favorite things!

Lexi Jurkus

Illinois State '24

Hi, I am Lexi Jurkus. I am an English Teacher Education major at Illinois State University. I have loved writing since I was young, writing is like therapy to me. Therefore, I wanted to open myself up to the opportunity to try different ways to expand my writing!